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  • Aim To Kill
    Episode 13
    In 1985, a small New Hampshire town became the scene of a mysterious death. Family man Daniel Paquette died of a bullet to the heart while hunting. For decades, his murderer walked free. When the truth finally comes out about the shooter, however, it opens more questions than it resolves. Special guests include Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie, crime authors.moreless
  • Twisted Triangle
    Episode 12
    A bitter divorce pits a husband-and-wife team of FBI agents against each other and casts one into the arms of a world-famous crime novelist. What unfolds is a shocking, twisted tale stranger than any fiction.
  • Beyond Redemption
    Episode 11
    We enter the mind of a cruel and sadistic predator whose acts of wanton violence - and subsequent arrest - are the beginning of a twisted tale of one man's madness and one woman's quest for the truth.
  • Daddy's Girl
    Episode 10
    If Thomas Antonakos loved anybody in life, it was his daughter, Kimberly. In 1995, he had to face the worse scenario a parent can ever face. Kimberly was found brutally murdered in the basement of their home. While detectives wanted to give up, Antonakos worked relentlessly to bring the murderers to justice. Paula Zahn interviews Antonakos, as well as detectives Phil Tricolla and Tom Shevlin.moreless
  • Web of Lies
    Episode 9
    Paula Zahn hosts this investigation of chatroom romance turned deadly. Thomas Montgomery was an ordinary 46-year-old family man, but online, he became a courageous young Marine. Mary Shieler was a 45-year-old mother, but in the chatrooms, she became a fictionalized version of her teenage daughter. When Shieler switched her flirtation to somebody else, Montgomery reacted in a brutal and unexpected way. Guests include journalist Barbara Schroeder and psychologist David Greenfield.moreless
  • Deadly Delivery
    Episode 8
    Betty Mottinger lived a happy, ordinary life in Ohio, working as a postmaster. When she vanished in broad daylight, the whole town reeled from the shock. After Mottinger's body was discovered, it would take her loyal colleagues to identify her true killer. The episode includes guest appearances from postal inspector Paul Hartman, reporter Bob Paynter and others.moreless
  • 5/30/10
    On She Never Came Home, Paula Zahn explains how Melissa Trotter disappeared from the library parking lot at Montgomery College in Texas. Her parents immediately starting searching for her and called the police. Would they find their daughter in time or would the mysterious man be responsible for the not only her disappearance but her untimely death?moreless
  • 5/23/10
    When police find a man found beaten to death on the beach there is a mountain of evidence pointing to Bill Dillon? But is any of it true? Did investigators convict the wrong man?
  • The Long Road Home
    Episode 5
    In the Long Road Home, Paula Zahn features the death of 19-year-old Mischelle Lawless in Benton, Missouri. Her body is located on the side of the road. Michelle was last seen at a party, where the authorities focus on young man who argued with her and was in a gang, 17-year-old, Josh Kezer. Did they arrest the right man or is her killer still out there?moreless
  • Lamb Amongst Wolves
    A 19 year old college student is murdered on the street in Brooklyn NY after a night of partying. The mother of the young man convicted of killing him, goes undercover to try and prove her son did not receive a fair trial.
  • Twin Killing
    Episode 3
    In Twin Killing, Paula Zahn features the 1992 horrific murder of Dr. Jack Wilson in Huntsville, Alabama. His wife Betty appeared to be grieving at first, but then police gathered evidence that she and her twin sister Peggy were the prime suspects. The twins were soon dubbed by the media as the, "Black Widows," and the town turned against them. As the sisters were tried separately, shocking evidence was presented. Paula interviews them to shed any light on who really murdered Jack Wilson.moreless
  • Murder in Heartland
    When a couple is found murdered on the fairgrounds, it becomes the first homicide ever in 150 year history of the Iowa State Fair. Police unravel a shocking plot that leads to back to the unlikeliest killers.
  • 4/18/10
    Paula Zahn hosts this investigation of a 2004 kidnapping. Beautiful young Brooke Wilberger seemed to have a bright future ahead of her. When she vanished without a trace, it would take the dedication of lead detective Sean Houck to discover the truth behind her disappearance and brutal death. Zahn interviews Wilberger's family members and loved ones.moreless