On The Case With Paula Zahn - Season 4

Sunday 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery Premiered Oct 18, 2009 In Season


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  • 7/10/11
    When a young Albuquerque woman suddenly disappears from her home, police are left stumped by the case. Days later, her lifeless body is found in a shallow grave nearby, leaving authorities scrambling to find a suspect. The case intrigues a retired FBI profiler, prompting him to return to the job to solve this mountain mystery.moreless
  • A Slip of Fate
    Episode 12
    On a Slip of Fate, Paula Zahn explains how Hazelynn Stomps just missed falling off a bridge by Oregon's Gordon Creek. As she is getting treated, she tells paramedics that two men attacked her and her husband Gordon and she can't find him now. The police find this story more twisted as they uncover shocking evidence to take the life of a honorable veteran at the hands of trusted family member.moreless
  • Silenced
    Episode 1
    Carrie Culberson was only 22 years old when her bright future was cut short. The only dark spot in her life was Vincent Doan, an abusive boyfriend. Soon before beginning nursing school, Culberson vanished without a trace. After her disappearance in 1996, her family struggled to bring her murderer to justice. Paula Zahn hosts the investigation.moreless
  • Message In Blood
    Episode 2
    Some people had their suspicions about Timothy Permenter, Karen Parnell's boyfriend. When 39-year-old Parnell was found stabbed to death in her home, the police turned their attention to Permenter. Paula Zahn investigates the shocking murder, including guest appearances from Parnell's brother, Mike, forensic specialist Anna Cox and police sergeant Larry Nalven.moreless
  • Race To Judgement
    Race To Judgement
    Episode 3
    In Race to Judgment, Paula Zahn features the tragic story of a car accident that tears apart the small town of Tatum, Texas. After a home game victory, 18-year-old David jumped into his truck to meet some friends. At the same time, four popular girls of the cheerleading squad were driving to a post game party but as their SUV pulled on the highway, David's truck rammed into it. Witnesses said it was an awful explosion and the girls died instantly while David suffered major injuries. The town wanted answers of who was to blame.moreless
  • A Tangled Past
    Episode 4
    Paula Zahn goes behind the scenes to explore the mysterious case of a 68-year-old woman's death. Margaret Bradley appeared to die from an insulin overdose. Her distraught daughter, Rhonda, tries to figure out whether the death was an unfortunate accident, or a calculated move on the part her mother's in-home nurse.moreless
  • Campus Killer
    Episode 4
    During Campus Killer, Paula Zahn portrays of the disappearance of Virginia Commonwealth college student, Taylor Behl. Her mother turns to the police when her daughter just vanishes but the campus police diminish the situation, saying Taylor may have taken off and called anyone. But she is horrified when the Richmond police inform they have information about Taylor's final hours alive from a much older male friend.moreless
  • 6/5/11
    Bobby Wilson and Eric Buzbee had plenty in common. Both men enjoyed popularity in their Alabama town, since Wilson owned a community center and Buzbee was part of a well-connected family. In a shocking twist, Buzbee wound up on trial for Wilson's brutal murder. Paula Zahn covers the case, joined by special guests including Gus Dimitrelos, a digital forensics expert.moreless
  • Under Suspicion
    Episode 7
    In Under Suspicion, Paula Zahn tells about Jami Sherer's disappearance and untimely death. In 1990, Jami was happily married and a young mother. She was due to visit her mother but never arrived, and that was the last time any family or friends heard from her. Originally, there was no evidence that stated that a crime was committed. It wasn't until much later that cold case investigators started treating her case as a homicide but is it too late to find the killer.moreless
  • 6/19/11
    When a 10-year old boy is brutally murdered in his own bed, his own mother becomes the prime suspect. Despite her adamant claims of innocence, she spends over a decade in prison for the crime. With help from the award-winning crime writer Diane Fanning, justice is finally served for the grieving mother and her family.moreless
  • 6/26/11
    A wealthy couple, the Haysoms, moved to Virginia to enjoy a peaceful and quiet retirement. However, as depicted in the show On The Case With Paula Zahn "Murder At Loose Clippings," their plan is foiled. The couple was found dead within their home, which was named "Loose Clippings," as the result of multiple stab wounds. At first glance, the murder appeared to be a botched robbery or the work of Satanists. Upon further investigation, another couple appears to have committed this heinous crime. Despite their confession, there's a twist in the case. It appears, according to evidence collected, only one of them is being truthful about the crime.moreless
  • 7/3/11
    Rober Dorotik's dead body is found off the road side and investigators are considering if it was purely a jogging accident. However, upon taking a closer look, they realize that it was a murder and that the location was not even where the crime happened. Dorotik is apparently left there in an attempt to make it look like an accident and throw the police off track.moreless
  • Murder Ordained
    Episode 13
    A young minister's wife is found dead in her car in the river. Although there are some suspicious circumstances, it is ruled accidental. Then the husband of the minister's secretary is shot. When police begin to investigate a possible connection, they uncover a love affair that includes a plot to murder two innocent people.moreless