On The Case With Paula Zahn - Season 6

Sunday 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery Premiered Oct 18, 2009 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • 6/3/12
  • Innocent Witness
    Episode 2
  • Dirty Secrets
    Episode 3
  • Over The Edge
    Episode 4
  • 7/1/12
  • The River's Edge
    Episode 6
    Paula Zahn hosts this investigation of Stacy Fairchild, a 17-year-old who vanished unexpectedly from her Ohio home, last seen in a mall parking lot. The case baffles police for a long time, until they gain a lead on her possible killer. Zahn interviews a young woman who nearly became a victim of the same perpetrator.moreless
  • A Deadly Betrayal
    Episode 7
    A Deadly Betrayal from the show On The Case With Paula Zahn unravels the mystery of a father executed after a friendly poker game. As the police search for suspects among the man's friends, they find the truth leads them much closer to home. The episode originally aired on July 15, 2012.moreless
  • No Exit
    Episode 8
    In Washington, D.C., a young couple dies unexpectedly, the victims of a brutal and fatal shooting. The problem is that police and investigators cannot figure out who committed the terrible crime or what motivations they had. Paula Zahn hosts, trying to shed light on the case and bring the guilty to justice.moreless
  • Fatal Footage
    Fatal Footage
    Episode 9
    Paula Zahn hosts this investigation of Patricia McDermott, a hard-working mother who died of a brutal gunshot wound in 2005. Thanks to security footage from the scene of the crime, the police are able to identify McDermott's murderer. It soon becomes clear that McDermott might not be the killer's only victim.moreless
  • 8/19/12
    Vanished in the Night from the show On The Case With Paula Zahn explores the mystery behind the disappearance of a twenty-year-old after a night out with friends. Now, more than a decade later, an undercover sting operation sheds new light on the case when new evidence is revealed. The episode originally aired on August 19, 2012.moreless
  • Taken
    Episode 11
    Paula Zahn hosts this investigation of a disturbing kidnapping case. Three young girls disappear, the victims of a homicidal kidnapper. The killer is still on the loose and ready to strike again. However, the next time he decides to attack, it is up to a young girl to stop him through her bravery and quick thinking.moreless
  • Murder at Bird Key
    Episode 12
    Paula Zahn turns her investigative powers to a 1978 murder. When John Allaman Jr. died at the hands of an unknown murderer, forward-thinking investigators saved cigarette butts from the scene of the crime. Decades later, they use the evidence they gathered in the 1970s to finally find justice for the murdered businessman.moreless
  • Deadly Lessons
    Deadly Lessons
    Episode 99
    Paula Zahn hosts this exploration of the dangerous relationship between a gym teacher and an impressionable student. Ashley Reeves was flattered by the attention of the significantly older Sam Shelton, but after she vanished, her St. Louis community suspected that the relationship had turned sour. The case took a shocking turn that nobody could have anticipated.moreless