On the Lot

Season 1 Episode 1

101a: Auditions #1

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 22, 2007 on FOX

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  • American Idol for Movie Lovers...

    On the Lot is basically American Idol, except it's looking for the next top filmaker. A relitivly simple idea in an age looking for practicaly the next top everything However, I think they got the wrong people. Who would go into a movie pitch with a giant rat as your film? Who would go in looking like a pschotic freak hyped up on caffine? Also, they need new judges. I mean come on Carrie Fisher? I know that all reality shows have too start somewhere, and I think that this was a relitivly good start. Let's just hope they got rid of all the bad directors...
  • Every reality show seems to want to compete these days. Whether it be finding the next best singer, ultimate fighter, stand up comedian or whatever America's Got Talent is doing. So now we have a show trying to find the next best film maker...

    While I at first thought this could be a Project Greenlight rip off, I was surprised to see it wasn't quite as close to it as I thought it'd be. However, the Pilot episode still left me with mixed feelings. This episode wasn't very interesting in terms of film making or learning techniqes, it was more just about the drama. Who is going to have an attitude, who is a whiny baby and so on. What I think bothered me the most about this episode though were the inconsistencies. All three of the judges said how you need to pitch something you believe in so that you can sell it. Then they give them the challenge of making a pitch based on an idea that the judges or whoever came up with-- not the film makers themselves. It's kind of backwards in ways. It's like telling a singer that he/she has to fully believe in the song being sung and then saying, "Okay, sing a song about this ___"

    One could argue that if you were truly a great film maker you could adapt to anything, but I don't believe that. Look at someone like Wes Craven. Do you think he could really do a good romance chick flick like The Notebook? While there is something to be said for being diverse, there is also something to really be said for being genre specific and finding your niche. Then the potential movie makers were split into teams of three. I found this to be really bad as some people might just work better alone. More importantly, what if you happen to be a really good film maker but you get stuck with two people who are just bringing you down? You don't really know these people so it's hard to decide who to team with and why and all that.

    I guess though that despite my faults with this show it all comes down to one simple reason I can put behind it all. If you don't want to deal with this nonsense when trying to become a film maker then perhaps you shouldn't have gone onto a reality show to begin with. Robert Rodriguez, Lloyd Kauffman and a slew of others have great books out there on how to do it without all this garbage.
  • Interesting fun....Better than American Idol.

    This is the show I have been waiting for for months and it didn't not disappoint me at all. I know that all reality shows start off slow becuase there are so many characters in the beginning but this one just grasped me right from the start. I overall enjoyed it and will definitely tune in next week to see what happens. Oh, and its better than American Idol.
  • I love the show so far!

    I am so out of time so I have to make this as short as possible. 50 people made it so far with thier films, but 14 get eliminated because of a movie... ugh whatever it was called. It was really sad when the people broke down in front of the judges, the guy that was too over ecstatic creeped me out. But, the two guys that I saw that made it were really good. Then they had to make a short 2 and a half minute movie in groups of three. When I heard this, I was like. Oh wow. Because, I could just imagine all the idea's clashing and arguements. It turned out I was right, wow. So far so good, I would've written a lot more, but I really have to go. I can't wait for the next episode!