On the Lot

Season 1 Episode 4

102b: Box Office

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 29, 2007 on FOX

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  • Kenny didn't get out? What's the voting world come to!!!

    First I would like to say that Kenny can jump on the taxi in his fim and get out. How can he stay? And that British guy's was way more funny then the Lightbulb story. I liked how Getta Rhoom was choosen though. Those judges gave him a lot for something he didn't intend to do. The commericials drove me insane though.
  • A little disappointed with the outcome of the people booted off.

    Well I could see the 2 girls (Carolina and Claudia) going home, they were alright for me. On the other hand I liked Phil's 'Please Hold' more than Jess's 'Screw In A Light Bulb' by a long shot. 'Light Bulb' was just blah and I didn't even get drawn to it at all. The camera work was shabby at best and the overall concept was unrealistic and completely inartistic. Claudia's bathroom scene ruined it for me. I thought the subtle humor was enough without the 'fart joke' if you will. As for Carolina's movie, it reminded me of a terrible phone commercial. It's lack of real lasting comedy made it an easy choice. Top 3 was great and I liked a lot of the other films, especially Spaced Out(Andrew) and Danger Zone(Zach). Very cool visuals and concepts both in photography and style.
  • Getta Room!

    The result show has arrived and the three were let go, two of the three were women. We need more women directors. You know what, since I like to review movies, I would like to be guest judge on "On the Lot." I really do. I got a talent of reviewing movies for The big Screen cinema guide, slo whno have me as guest judge? I fell sorry for the three that were let go. Now it down to only 15 and I can't wait to see what they will do with their talent next week. I'm hooked to the series.
  • No! I cannot believe this is happening! Carolina, Claudia, and Phil!

    Back row results. Zach is in the top 3 for his Danger Zone. I think he deserved to make it. Replication Theory made it. I'm glad. Check out made it. I am also glad, the only $exy movie. Trevor's golf movie made it. Ah darn it! Carolina and Marty... who's going home? Oh my gosh, Carolina is going home! That sucks! Her movie was good, better than Marty's. It's too bad she's going home. Oh wow. The middle row doesn't have too many good people I guess. Adam's Dance Man made him safe. File Size, he is safe. Hilary is safe. Will's Lucky Penny made it safe and broke the top 3 not too suprising. Kenny and Claudia are left. I hope Kenny is going home. Oh my gosh! I can't believe Claudia is going home! What is going on? Andrew's Spaced Out was awesome I am glad he was safe but he should've made the top 3. Yes, Love in the year of 2007 made it! Yes! Manteen's Soft is safe. Ok, commercial. I hope Jessica doesn't leave, just for the sake that all girls leaving? (Insert cry emoticon). Jason's Getta Room I thought it was real funny. Jason's Please Hold was real funny as well. Jessica's Screw In a Lightbulb was only ok for me. Jason top 3 yes! I really didn't get the disable thing, I thought it was fine. Phil and Jessica. It's really tough for me. Oh no, commerical. Ack. Phil's leaving. Wow. This has really been a night of ups and downs for me.