On the Lot

Season 1 Episode 5

103: Contestant Films

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jun 05, 2007 on FOX

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  • Pipe down you pippers!

    I sat in awe as five more contestants are showing what they can do. Although none of the five are my favorite, I did enjoy what I saw. "On the Lot" is becoming my favorite reality series. I will stick to the end, despite the fact that a lot of viewers arew bailing out. I'm not one of them. I find this show with a lot of intrest since I write a lot of movie reviews and I would be very intrested of being on the show as one of the judges. If the pay ok, I join in. I love to judge movies, even if it comes from first-timers.
  • Review of the Movies

    Meet the Finkelsteins did not seem very funny at all to me. Although Garry Marshall criticized the closeup shooting of the film, I was bothered by the awkward comments of the young man's parents. I know that the film was supposed to show the awkward event of meeting the parents, but it was hard to relate to these characters at all.
    The Musical had cute music and lyrics and was made pretty well with the dream seqence. I think the romantic element of it was missing a bit because the girl seemed so obsessed with getting a job; and why would she work at a bakery if she didn't eat carbs?
    Sam Friedlander's film was very well made, though the storyline seemed a bit weak. Visually it was very impressive.
    I liked the lead actor in Teri but the story seemed derivative, and I would have liked to see different characters than the caricatures that Trevor picked.
    I was confused by the genre of Shalini's film Laughing out Loud, but it reminded me of a documentary I once saw called Paris is Burning. The visual style of her film was very appealing and it looked extremely well made.
  • Week Two Movies reviewed by Sonic80

    Sam Friedlander: "Broken Pipe Dreams" - Ok, this was a very well made movie, and it started off this week very well. I loved how he made the toilet the bad guy. Overall - 9.3/10

    Trever James: "Teri" - This one wasn't the best, but It did have some funny parts 'We've only been here for two minutes and already your calling me fat?' and the gay guy at the end. Overall - 8.9/10

    Hilary Wiesman: "The First Time I Met The Finklesteins" - This was my favorite this week. I loved all the humor it had, and it completely worked. Overall - 10.0/10

    Adam Stein: "Dough The Musical" - At first I thought that this one wouldn't be too great, because I don't really like Musicals, but this one actually worked for me. Overall - 9.1/10

    Shalini Kantayya: "Laughing Out Loud - a comic journey" - Come on, a Gay guy telling his life story? Could have been way more funny, to me it just wasn't that great. Overall - 8.2/10


    Sonic80 Reviews Week 2 of On The Lot's Movies
    Rating - 9.3/10.0
  • Great filmakers, bad show.

    The only good thing about this show is the film makers. do we really need these hosts and judges? First, I have to say, how can a show about the best director have such a bad production value. its lazy at best.

    Second, where the hell did Micheal Bay come from? His arrogance blinded him from admitting that every one of the filmakers were better than he is. Instead THEY should have been giving him advice in story ideas and and storytelling. I havent gone to the movies to see something of his since Armeggedon. It was a shameless promotion for transformers. Third, these critics are absolutely ignorant. Every one of those movies were ten times better than anything they could come up with, even with an arsonal of hollywood veterans, and they still had nothing but negative comment for each movie. i think we should take a moment and question the credibility of each judge and go on from there. They should cancel the show and with the remaining production expense give every contestant a million dollars for a movie and let the audience be entertained with movies that will last longer than this lazy show.
  • A good bunch of movies.

    Okay, Sam's up first. It's Broken Pipe Dreams. I give it a nine out of ten. The only things I didn't like was that how did he get the fish if it was like a long time ago? And, the slow motion was pretty like weird at the end, but it was really good. So nine out of ten. Trevor is up with Teri. I also give it a nine out of ten. It was really good but something was just missing I'm not sure... oh well. It was still great. Hilary's The First Time I met the Finklestiens is up. It was funny, but I agree with Carrie's viewpoint for once. It was close up, but that was for crime scenes. I give it an eight out of ten. Next is Adam's Dough: The Musical. I loved it! Ten out of ten. Period. I can't imagine it being any better. Very special and usually out of half the musicals I watch I hate them. So this is special. The next person is Shawlani(I don't know how to spell her name). I hope she does well because I loved her last movie("I'm not lonely! I have over two thousand myspace friends!") Her movie is Laughing Out Loud a comic Journey. I thought it was good, but a little well not too funny. I give it a nine out of ten just because I love her style. Wow, we had a good bunch. I think Hilary will go home.
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