On the Lot

Season 1 Episode 7

105: Contestant Films

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jun 19, 2007 on FOX

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  • The show has put the sunshine into my life!

    thge best so far. "On the Lot" has ranked a10 and I mean it. I beginning to become a big fan of the show. Mainley because I'm a film critic for a internet. I would love to be a guest judge on the show. Of the five, my favorite is "Sunshine girl" where a girl took the sun out of the sky and place it under her bed. Coming in a second is "Blood born" inwhich a man finds out that his blood is a cure for many dieases. I had a mix relation.I like the first half of the film while I didn't like the gang portion of the picture. Next week, I be there for more movies.
  • There's a Will - but as for the rest, No Way!

    So far, Will has delivered two films that were highly visual, accomplished, witty, cleverly edited and original. IMHO there is not even a close second. Will has what the rest of them have - sophistication. Of the other entries, I think that I liked "Blood Born" more than the viewers, more than the judges - I thought the camera work and subject were so different from the first film that it showed some versatility (another quality the rest of them seem to lack) - though the subject seemed too broad and complex for a short. At this point, when I'm not asking myself why I watch this, I'm asking myself which director's feature film I would pay to see based on what I'm seeing, and Will is the only one. As far as Jessica - okay, she's young, but the only horror her film inspires is the horror you have to feel when you realize this girl graduated from NYU film. There is nothing there - no storytelling, no suspense, no humor, not even the rudiments of how to handle a camera. The show itself betrayed another faultline by adjusting the formula once again. The vote-off was handled at the beginning in a way that was almost as off-putting as making them sweat it out until the end. The regular judges aren't any less annoying - I think whoever puts these shows up doesn't really get the fine distinction of the sardonic wit of a Simon Cowell and the inane wisecracking of a Carrie Fisher - and they should - they do it for a living don't they. There did seem to be less annoying chit-chat but still too much. I'm sticking with my original prediction that there is not another season here - but good luck, Will.
  • This is a good show, but it could be a great show. Some of the contestants need to listen instead of running their mouths.

    The show is an excellent example of entertainment. Of the movies that premiered only two could be considered entertaining. Will’s “Glass Eye” and Zach’s “ Sunshine Girl”. Both had beginning , middle and end. The others lacked these important elements to deliver a message or at least something to think about. The show itself is good, it could be great if we had an opportunity to see some of the “behind the scenes “ element. There are a lot of us that want to be directors. I think the most amazing part about the show is when the panel tries to give critiques and direction, the contestants give them feedback. Carrie Fisher has been around since her teens and knows the business from both sides. Gary Marshall and his family have made and acted both on TV and movies. The guest directors have made some big movies and are considered some of the best in the business. Every one of us would be or wanna be directors would given anything to spend just five minutes to get their advice. Yet here we have a contestant telling the panel that they are wrong and they are keep on making movies their way. Makes no sense to me. One of the “hooks” of the other reality shows is you get to see what the contestants are going through. If the producers want to see the show succeed they should watch an episode or “The Apprentice” or “Survivor”.
  • Besides Zach, none of the other directors deserve to make movies. It was painful to watch their movies.

    Zach's movie "Sunshine Girl" was not as good as his other shorts, however, it was the best this episode. The rest of them were just painful to watch. Out of 12,000 entries they found this group! A really sorry group to start out the first season. The movies are bad in most cases. What the hell was Jessica's "The Orchard"? Who the hell found that scary? It was not even 'experimental.' It was retarded. And the judges, the pretty much go round and round without getting to the point to explain their opinion. Very uninteresting! Zach should win this competition. But I don't see this show making a second season. Too bad! It was a great idea!