On the Lot

Season 1 Episode 9

107: Contestant Films (Horror)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jul 03, 2007 on FOX

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  • All their taste is in their Roth

    Six horror films, and what was interesting is that the first three relied heavily on the more modern and juvenile definition of horror - ghouls and gore. The last two were failures - one was a pallid attempt at a ghost story, and the other was another very personal story from Mateen, who needs to understand that you make the film they tell you to make, not the film you want to make. But - in the middle was Jason's film. Now Jason got a lot of flack for that first film 'Getta Room', though it did turn out to be an audience favorite, one of the top vote getters. And his second film was interesting and really well shot. But this one was best of all - sophisticated, minimally graphic with more horror coming through implication, well done overall. And, unlike the others, it was not a skit, but a complete story - there are some brains under that baseball cap, and though I have been a Will fan, I am liking Jason more and more for his willingness to risk and his storytelling. Who would I vote off? Probably Mateen. His film wasn't a horror film. You do the assignment you're given - although, he is very good with actors. Eli Roth was IMHO the worst guest judge. The critique of Jason's film was quite silly - he said that the mother 'looked too young' - duh! There are a lot of mothers of 7 year old kids who are still in their 20s! Was she supposed to look like Mrs. Cleaver? (or be carrying a cleaver?)
  • The Horror of it all!

    this week, six filmmakers tackle the horror gerne. I not much of a fan of horror movie, but I'm willing to give it a shot. the only movie of the six is the first one, which involves zombies. but the other five is in the area between lukewarm and terrible. but despite that, I happen to like thye series and I'm going to stick with the series until the end. I also write movie reviews and I was hoping that I caould get a guest judge on the show. I found "On the Lot" to be the best of the reality series.