On the Lot

Season 1 Episode 16

114: Season Finale

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Aug 21, 2007 on FOX

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  • See you next year....maybe!

    It came down the season finale of "On the Lot," and I had a ball. I sat there in the living room and play film critic. I write movie reviews for The big screen cinema guide and I love the show very much. I predict that will would win the million dollar contact with Dreamworks and I was right. I love the show and thge judges and if the show returns next summer I would like to be one of the judges. I know movies and I can help out choose the winner. Im hope the show returns next year. 'On the Lot" is a fun show that can play at home.
  • It's OK, but could had been better.

    OK, the season finale was better than last week's episode, but still sucky. But you should watch this one. Just prepare to use FF button. There are still reshows of the shorts (why again???).

    Bah, Jason should had won IMO in the last three people group. Oh well. If FOX returns this reality show for season 2, they better fix the problems. If not, drop it!!

    Funny, watch the billboards at the end of the finale (related to the show). It was nice to see and hear Stephen Spielberg FINALLY! I really wished they used him as a special guest judge in the last round. Yes, he made brief comments about the shorts at the end, but still.
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