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OTL Staffer speaks, read it before the mods delete it:

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    Actually, let me just copy paste it:


    Hello all,

    I have worked on the show since Day One. Yes, I was there even the Sunday before Memorial Day during rehearsals while you were all partying.

    Spielberg did come by briefly, but only to check out the set, which is gorgeous. All of us are baffled by the poor writing. Host Adrianna is a hottie, but having your eyes glued downward to index cards negated her appeal. An hour-long elimination episode last week bored viewers.

    I work on "Idol" too, and what a difference. There is actual tension, and "On The Lot" had zero. The judges are dull as dishwater. The lines you heard were the same as during rehearsal. So much for spontaneity.

    A fortune has been spent on this show. Otherwise, FOX would cancel it in a heartbeat. Spielberg or some other head honcho needs to get over here ASAP and work overtime to save this mess. Trust me - we do get paid well for being here, but this is a joyless disappointment so far. ------------------------------- A reply: 
    What's the cancellation number on this show? Everyone thinks it must be HUGE for FOX to exercise what limited rights it may have had regarding broadcast, yet not cancel the show outright.

    Everyone was thinking that FOX would soon be airing "special summer encores of your favorite House, etc. episodes" after Tuesday's ratings were out, but many were surprised when FOX split the difference and only dropped the Monday night show. Any agreement with the contestants wouldn't actually require airing the show, so we know that cancellation number must be ENORMOUS.

    Will an extra commercial break and another embed get added to the new Tuesday show? The two main sponsors supposedly wanted them.

    I suppose I could watch and count on Tuesday, but I probably will pass.

    Your producers put your host in awful position Tuesday. Some are pretty impressed that she could finish that show. However, most of your Internet commentators clearly disagree and think she sucks. They also think TRAILERS are short films like some of this show's contestants, so I'd be skeptical of most of their criticisms and recommendations.



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    Thanks for the info, that is interesting. I am actually surprised that this show isn't a success, but from all that you have had to say forge, it is easier to understand its failure, as it does appear to be a total mess...
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    the show leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
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    the suits at FOX are also disappointed with this show, i'm not alone after all.
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    Don't listen to people when they say things. People are morons. The fact that, on TV.com, this show is rated somewhere below The Osbournes should give you an indication that not everyone who knows what he is taking about, actually does.

    It seems like a logical conclusion, you know. Singing, dancing, stand-up comedy: they all have their own reality shows. The fact that no one thought of this sooner, well, speaks for itself. I don't really like the judges, and there is a lot of filler, but the fact that you are getting multiple NEW movies in your home each WEEK is amazing. How hard is it for an American Idol contestant to prepare for his or her next song? A heck of a lot easier than a filmmaker making a new movie in any span of time.

    Also, I don't know about how much money is being invested in it. I mean, I rarely see any promos. They could easily say, just at any time after elimination, that there will be no more films for the week. Think of the production costs they'd save. If they would have cancelled this show, they definitely had the chance.

    I think the show is great, especially since all of the artsy-fartsy (technical term?) filmmakers are gone. The rest of the contestants comprise the skin-and-bones of what people want to see. (The host provides the rest of what I want to see.)

    It's a great show, so people don't know what they're talking about.
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