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  • Produced by media moguls Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett, this show gives 50 lucky contestants a chance to achieve their life dream of producing a Hollywood film. When a winner is chosen, they will receive a 1 million dollar contract with Dreamworks.

    Ok, let me start by saying the show itself wasn't great. It had little to no action whatsoever, however, I think the show has huge potential. With judges Brett Ratner, Carrie Fisher, and Garry Marshall, and media moguls Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett producing the show, It will definitely be a hit. I love the idea of giving people a chance to achieve their dream. Another upside, the format of the show is going to change starting June 4. It will be similar to the format of A.I.(American Idol) with a competition day and then a results show.
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    With the hype around this show I was expecting an AWSOME opener. They get the BEST time slot available on television and put their audience to sleep in less than 20 minutes. Whenever you hear Spielberg is on board you expect nothing but the best. Unfortunately, we went from the most entertaining show in the world (American Idol), to this. It seemed like another Big Brother, which I guess you could expect from Mark Burnett's team, but come on, its time to step it up, we deserve it. The concept for this show it great. The delivery, or edit, or DP style is way off. I really hope, even expect them to get better. Over all, the opener was a downer. Lets hope they understand that the drop-off in ratings they can expect on Thursday night is do to the style in which they are delivering the entertainment and NOT the loss of Idol as an opening support. All they have to do is adjust a few stylistic choices and this show can and should be the next big hit. Otherwise it will be tossed over to CBS and be Big Brothers new filler. Come on Spielberg, make it happen.
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