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FOX (ended 2007)


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  • On The Lot was supposed to be a new kind of reality show. No cheesy Survivor-style eliminations or over-hyped performances like American Idol, but it totally missed what it was aiming for.

    The first thing you'll notice about this show is how ironic it is. The show is partially about editing movies, but the show itself looks like it was edited by a 4 year old with a walnut stuck in his brain. The camera movements are choppy and you can get seasick watching it. Not an entertaining experience. Anyhoo, OTL is supposed to be a reality competition in which people compete against each other to become a Hollywood director. They do so by making movies (duh). That's what it was SUPPOSED to be, mind you. What OTL really is is a bore-fest. Usually the big grip on reality shows is being a fan of somebody, having somebody to root for and/or having somebody to root against. That's impossible with this show. I don't know one person's name or really care about any of them. You can see the eliminations from a mile away and the judges look like they'd rather be a their own funeral than judging this competition. OTL attempts to create "drama" by showing the disputes between the directors, but all that does is take away it's potential as a family show. No family wants to sit down and watch two overweight losers scream at each other. That's what Dr. Phil is for. I'm not saying that OTL is a horrible show, but it's not worth your time or mine. Please watch something that has more class, like competitive eating or midget wrestling.