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FOX (ended 2007)


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  • I love the idea, but this one is cheaply orchestrated. Great competition. Fun challenges. Useless unwanted judges; don't follow nothing, too stuck-up ! Unfair, so not true comments Horrible Hostess.

    Film directing ! What an interesting subject for a ridiculous reality show !!! It's awesome of having all these talented artists gathered. They offer us such a great show...that unfortunately, the three stooges can't follow. It's very sad.

    The contenders present us beautiful piece of arts, amazing sense of humor and a so refreshing modern thinking ! In return, those "ineloquent" lousy judges comes in adding bias in this 100% unfair contest.

    Such a cool show concept sinked by stupidity, stuck-upism, and big F-A-K-E representatives. These participants are not just directors. They also have a lot of acting going. They have to confront the insipid cheap comments of the 3-corrupted-like-sitiing-there-judges,
    without laughing ! I say it again so cool concept but Cheap Cheap Cheap and so is that hostess but anoying in extra.
    It's too bad for the contenders because they kick ass !