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FOX (ended 2007)


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  • How can FOX screw up their own "American Idol" formula? By getting a useless hostess, pathetic and lame judges, and basically trying to suck.

    I honestly was so excited for this show. I counted down days even. It was advertised everywhere, and I knew it would be big. But then, it aired. First episode, liked the host actually. It wasnt too great at developing characters, or anything really, but they had 50-some contestants, so i couldnt blame them. Of course. They just had to ditch one judge, leaving the useless-no-real-comment-stars-wars-ex judge, then the old witty guy who gets all the "jokes". Then, they ditch the hostess. And then give us "Costa", who can only host a show by reading off the prompter. She even said in an episode "If i can just read the prompter..." or something very close to that nature. Ok, so we have bad judging, bad hosting... can we get worse? How about confusing interface. They start off with 50, go down to 30-ish. Then get rid of half of them and leave us with 18. Then the week they still had 2 episodes per week, they got rid of 3, leaving 15. I didnt understand why the first week they had to make movies, they made comdey oriented shorts.... but now its a free for all? and everyweek they show 5 movies and eliminate one person from LAST week? and the keep going? how are they going to continue this?

    Thats not the only question i asked myself. "When the hell is it on?" was another one. It's still on tuesdays right?
    Also, if its supposed to be a "world wide competition", why the heck is there ONE candian, someone from europe (i think) and then the rest are americans. Most of the movies suck. And don't really show off any direction skills. You don't get to get inside the lives of the directors really... it's pretty much a giant advertisement for Ford and Verizon. Maybe when they narrow it down to top ten, we can see how the directors live together... if they even do. I'm still confused by this show... and frankly, I don't really care anymore.