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FOX (ended 2007)


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  • 'On the Lot' had potential. I still enjoy watching the films. Everything else, however, seems... pointless.

    I'm 16 years old, and I've been making films for about 4 years now. So when I heard about "On the Lot", I was very excited to check out the series. It was created by Steven Spielberg! It had to be good.

    The first episode was enjoyable. Chelsea Handler as host was excellent, and everything flowed very well. The next few weeks were still good. I enjoyed watching how the films came together, and I picked my favorites.

    Eventually, the live shows came. That's when the show began falling apart. It was too much like American Idol. I hate to say this, but the new host was extremely annoying, and I just lost attention after a few weeks.

    It also struck me as odd that the show was not in HD. You'd think it would be, considering the purpose of the show. So it seems to me that Fox didn't give it too much help in the beginning. In my opinion, the only reason the show is still on the air is because Steven Spielberg was partly behind it.

    Basically, I just lost interest. It wasn't fun anymore. I didn't have time for the show, and it just kind of died on me.

    I'm pretty sure this will be the final season for "On the Lot", unless they pull some pretty awesome ratings these last few episodes.