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  • Invented the first Airplane

    Was watching your showed Sunday Feb. 16th 2014 on E/I on Channel This Tv. and one of your Questions was who invented the airplane. your answer was the Wright brothers "WRONG ANSWER"

    Leonardo da Vinici,His observations and inventions were recorded in 13,000 pages of notes and drawings, including designs for flying machines (some 400 years before the Wright brothers' first success), the Wright brothers built and flew the first airplane ,but didnt invent it!!!!
  • GOOGOL-sized error

    My daughter was just watching this show and a question was posed asking, "Which came first, GOOGLE or GOOGOL?" The answer was correctly stated as "GOOGOL" but an incorrect definition of this term was given. The announcer stated that this number means "1 to the power 100", which is not correct because 1 to any power is 1, right? The correct definition is "10 to the power 100", which is a 1 followed by 100 zeroes.

    My daughter enjoys the show, and called me in to watch it stating, "I'm learning some neat stuff on this show!" So I ended up watching it with her. I just hope the other information that is shared is accurate.
  • One of the most awful shows to ever grace a Television Set

    Maybe the WB should have thought twice before producing this piece of crap. It's a show based on Improv sketches, with a cast that has absolutely no talent whatsoever. The jokes are lame, the sketches are lame, and it feels like infinity before it's over. I can not name how many times I wanted to throw the TV from the stand onto the floor and bash it with a baseball bat. It's THAT bad. It's so bad, it makes a digested mexican meal smell good. It's below the barrell. And only five episodes. IT'S THAT BAD. It's also a shame that I can't score this below 1.
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