Once a Thief

Season 1 Episode 21

Politics Of Love

Aired Unknown Mar 28, 1998 on CTV

Episode Recap

Mac and Li Ann are in a bar when they see Camier and Murphy walk in. Mac goes over to talk to them and notices the black leather bag they are carrying. They explain that inside the bag is the tools of their trade. They take pride in showing him a vial, which they refer to as their 'venom of choice', a genetically engineered toxin. Mac opens it and sniffs it. Camier and Murphy recoil, did they tell him the fumes are toxic? Mac keels over and will die unless Li Ann immediately administer the antidote, straight into his heart. The last thing Mac sees is Li Ann bending over him…

Aftewards, Mac is given time off to recuperate and the Director notes the New Age books littering his table. He starts talking about 'inner peace' which the Director correctly interprets to mean Li Ann. Mac admits he still loves her. The Director helpfully brought leeches to help with Mac's healing process.

The Director returns to her office to discover a member of the Council waiting for her, Drake Oliver. He asks for protection – someone just tried to assassinate him. When Drake assures the Director he will restore her cut funding, she agrees. She assigns Victor but Drake objects, what about Mac? The Director explains Mac is ill and Drake reluctantly accepts Victor.

Drake immediately chafes at the security protocols Victor institutes and wants to visit his girlfriend. Drake explains that he is dating a former-child star of a hit television program. Given his political career and her fame, they can't be seen in public. When Victor refuses to let Drake see Cleo, Drake creates a diversion by setting Victor's kitchen on fire and Victor follows Drake to Cleo's. But Cleo lives above an electronics shop and a man enters, kills the clerk, and opens fire through the ceiling. Victor returns fire but the shooter leaves unharmed.

Li Ann starts researching who could be after Drake. Nathan, the intensely paranoid archival clerk, rambles a lot but gives her a suspect: Green Revolution, violent environmentalists. Li Ann, after the Director tells her Mac wants to talk to her, goes to see Mac. Mac is initially horrified but eventually tells her that while he was dying, all he could think of was her. He tells Li Ann that he knows she loves him, he couldn't feel this way if she didn't. He talks as if she's his soul-mate and Li Ann calls him the 'least self-aware' person she knows, not taking him seriously and leaves.

After Drake's escape attempt, Victor locked Drake in his closet all night. The Director agrees to give Drake to Mac, who is ready to return to the field. Mac and Drake hit it off, both waxing lyrical about the respective loves of their lives. Li Ann breaks into Green Revolution's offices, getting their target list.

The Director informs Victor and Li Ann that a cargo sweep at the airport shows a coffin being shipped to the Tang family in Hong Kong – Cleo's shipping the coffin. They realise that Cleo and Drake intend to cash in on the price on Mac's head. There was no assassination attempt and the shooter, is an old 'friend' of Drake's. They find Mac's apartment trashed and Mac gone.

Drake intends to ship Mac in the coffin, complete with oxygen as the Tangs have requested Mac alive. The Director, Li Ann and Victor arrive and after much shooting, rescue Mac. Drake and Cleo are taken into custody.

Having a drink together, the Director takes Victor away, leaving Li Ann and Mac alone. Mac tells Li Ann that the poison messed with his head, that he knows it's over and the past is the past. Li Ann looks relieved and walks away. The Director, shamelessly eavesdropping, calls Mac a terrible liar to which Mac replies, "The worst."