Once a Thief

Season 1 Episode 21

Politics Of Love

Aired Unknown Mar 28, 1998 on CTV



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Drake: Cleo was Fate. Who would have guessed that after all those years wasted on the wrong women, I would meet my true love bent over a water fountain in the park? I mean, what if it had rained, what if she hadn't been thirsty...
      Victor: What if you hadn't been walking in the park, checking out 18-year olds?

    • (The Director assigns Victor to protect Drake)
      Drake: What about Mr Ramsey, I thought you'd put me with your best? No offense.
      Victor: Don't worry about it, none taken, you're obviously delusional.

    • The Director: I like you, Drake, as much as I ever like anybody...

    • Drake: Somebody tried to kill me.
      The Director: Congratulations, you are now eligible for the target discount in our cafeteria.

    • (Mac sees Camier and Murphy enter with a black leather bag)
      Mac: What you got in the bag, boys? A severed head?
      Camier: The day is young.

    • Mac: You can't use leeches to draw blood, uh, it's medieval.
      The Director: Well, you know, historically, it's true they do have a very bad rap, but let me tell you, under certain conditions, a leech is just the ticket.

    • (The Director finds Drake sitting in her chair and aims her gun at him)
      Drake: Shoot me and you lose a vote on the Council.
      The Director: There are other votes, I've only got one chair.

  • Notes

    • There is a reference to the fact that the show was cancelled two episodes earlier - Drake says that the Council are impressed with how Vic, Mac and LiAnn are coming together. The Director replies that that depends on who you're talking to - meaning how the audience; and television companies didn't.

    • More talk of the mythology that the show could have had - including the GAC and the fact that The Director needs votes on it.

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