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Once and Again

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"Once and Again" focuses on the relationship between a divorced man, Rick Sammler (Bill Campbell) and a soon to be divorced woman, Lilly Manning (Sela Ward). Both have kids and between the struggles of being a single parent and careers they often find it difficult to spend time together. The show is unique in letting the viewer into the character's minds through brief "interviews" mixed throughout the episode. The show's final season was simulcasted in HDTV.
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  • Best show!

    I didn't get a chance to catch much of this show while it was originally airing. I caught one of two eps of the last season and it intrigued me so I bought Season 1 on DVD as soon as it came out. I was glued to the TV and couldn't stop watching. One of the best shows ever! I bought Season 2 as well and was lucky to catch season 3 in syndication. I hope they eventually release it on DVD.moreless
  • So awkward.

    There was never really a time where I could ever think this show was interesting. Every time I saw the previews for it, I had no interest in watching it. Of course, I was a little too young to care, but it really seemed like a boring show. I have to admit that it had some okay acting, but it never made any sense. I guess now that I think of it, it was just an okay show with okay acting. It never was a standout, but I guess it is my opinion. Overall, it was an average show that was for other's tastes. Thank you.moreless
  • Second Chances

    We've all gone through that pain of break up, whether it's in marrage or a long time relationship it's created a hole that is to be filled again. I'm not usually a fan of the drama genere but sometimes even a genere I don't always pay much attention to can supprise me with something great and Once and Again was that supprise.

    This show is one of the best but most criminally overlooked and forgoteen dramas I've seen. I love this show because I can easily emphasize with everything in it because it all actually felt right and real, which is part of what makes a good drama identification. The creator's of "My So Called Life" have always strongly focused on the human condition with a strong sense of truth. The story doesn't take place in some fantasy world where things seem to miraculously go someones way, it's in our reality bound by our rules where all the characters have to work for what they want and it's unsafe.

    All the charcters are very well done thanks to a great cast, what made them interesting characters was because of how human they felt. When you see how the characters react to things or even the dialog and monalogue they deliver, you begin to realize this is actually a story about ourselves, our own social lives in an overly busy world. I was supprised on how much truth each of the charcters charicteristics carried, when I saw a few of them I could see a part of myself. One character in particular Judy whom I can't help but feel is loosely based on myself because I sort of have the same lifestyle as her and I'm not a commitment type myself. And these things make me love all the characters more.

    The storytelling style is great because it was not just unique but created a great amount of depth for the characters their would always be something new about them that can supprise me and feel more pathos for them. It even made the romance story between Rick and Lily feel right because it's done right. Sometimes romance stories can be like a horror film (I know wild analigy but it makes sense if you think about it.) where good ones opperate on the princisple suspense before payoff, romance stories are like that only on a positive note mind you.

    There is a multifocus nonlinar format much like with films like "Crash" and "Watchmen" it wasn't just about the main characters but the characters connected with them, what one does does have a significant affect on others or adds more to the sittuation. But what even more unique is the black and white interview sequences much like with the film "Leaving Las Vegas" where Elisabeth Shoe talks to an unseen psychologist. This gives the show a journalistic quality, knowing what each of the characters are thinking and feeling at that very moment but adds more depth to their idetities.

    The show gets at themes like our primortial need and fear of change and conection as well as the difficult adjustment to it. As well as second chances.

    "Warning don't read this part since it might be a spoiler"

    My only real problem with the show was the Grace and Eli subplot (both my favorate characters)never reached it's fullest potential, there was this build up throughout all three seasons but no payoff in fact what happened with both of them in Season 3 was rather anticlimatic. I think there was a plan for one if a fouth season occurred which was too bad because I really felt it could have been done, I really wanted to see the two together and may'be what happened to all the characers years latter. So, yeah more could of been done.

    Before I end things I'm just going to get something off my chest here: Please Disney release Season 3 we're not asking for the Moon here. Look I know there might not be a lot of us, but all the same fans of the show exist and we've been waiting for sometime now for the DVD set it's about time for a payoff; again we're not asking for the Moon. Well I have nothing more to say, Rick and Lily have been in love once, lost love, found it again, and a new destiny with both of them in it.moreless
  • A forty-something couple, coming off failed marriages, begin a life together.

    I came across this series on DVD, and it is easily one of the best dramatic series ever shown. It takes ordinary people, facing the day-to-day issues we all deal with, and tells stories that are simply compelling. There are no car chases, shoot-outs or alien visitations, yet I found myself watching episodes back to back, anxious to see what comes next. The writing and acting are superb, making it easy to care about the characters. It's hard to believe that the series ended after only three seasons. It's even harder to believe that the third season has not been released on DVD. We need more shows with the kind of realistic portrayals given in "Once and Again."moreless
  • Simply one of the best television shows ever created. The season 3 DVD has been delayed.

    As many of you may already know the release of the Once and Again season 3 DVD has been delayed indefinitely. :( Please visit the link below and sign the petition to help us get season 3 released. Hopefully it will help get it to us sooner if they know how many of us really want it. Tell everyone you know who loves the show about it as well.


    Or you can call Buena Vista Home Entertainment's Customer Relations number at 1-800-723-4763. They are open Monday through Friday 9:30-7:30 Central Time. Or, email them at BVHEInfo@BVHEHelp.com and let them know that you want it.


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