Once and Again

Season 2 Episode 19

Armageddon (1)

Aired Unknown Apr 11, 2001 on ABC
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Armageddon (1)
Karen finds out that a grand jury is being impaneled to investigate the Atlantor project. The District Attorney wants Karen to help them, but she is reluctant. She acts nervously around Rick and refuses to discuss the investigation with him. Rick is subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury investigation of Atlantor. Allegations of bribery and arrests are floated about. Lily forces Christie not to print an unsubstantiated story concerning the grand jury. Rick fills his kids in on the situation. He finally talks to Miles, but Miles doesn't give him any assurances or definite answers. However, he does reveal that he has cancer, and it's advancing throughout his body rapidly, so he might not be around if the case goes to trial. Rick undergoes five hours of questioning by the grand jury. The episode ends with the Cook County sheriff arriving with a search warrant to search Rick's apartment...moreless

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  • Crumbling Down

    If you've watched enough episodes of this season you might have seen this coming for some time, the trouble is Rick never did. It's true that in this season we never really followed the whole builiding scandal plot since it was never really a big part of the show/season and is throughly confusing but that was the point we were suppose to. Like with the film "Syrana" we were always in the good guys shoes they know bad things are happening to them but they just don't really know or are as confused as we are what they are since the bad guys are always working behind their back, they unfortunately don't find these things out until it's too late. Obviously Rick has been framed for some sort of embezzment sceme that Atlantor has concocted. We know who the real guilty party is which is Atlantor and Miles who I've always felt was scum in a suit. From certain accuisations the Atlantor company sort of reminds me of Enron which of course was a company that stole a lot of innocent peoples money and flushed it down the toilet because they never produced anything or did any business of any kind, so they were never a real company in the first place just like what Alator did with Rick. Miles on the outside looks and seems like he's all sucessful the ultimate Alpha Male yet even though he has everything he has nothing which is why I always think Rick will always have everything in my book because Miles on the inside he is weak, pathetic, narcistic, cold, and worst of all full of crap which is why he's one of those people that are all talk but no action. These chracteristics are reflected exteranally from mainly the way he talks, which are always off subject or in mixed metaphors most of which make absolutely no sense (I sometimes wonder if he knows what he's talking about) basically it always seems like he's beating around the bush and is always hiding a more sinister agenda. Whatever Miles reasons for creating this scam we will never know, greed, covering up his own mistakes, or may'be out of sick pleasure he wanted to destroy an innocent life. Forgive me if this what I'm writing seems like a big slam but it's true, as for Rick we feel pathos for him, we don't see him has a criminal but as a victim caught in a web of evil but worst of all his own obsession with his own ambition. I think Rick knew it was a raw deal from the begining he just didn't want to see it, he wanted to believe that the opportunity that he's been offered was a dream come true but in truth it was a cruel lie. The poor guy is just getting slammed in those intreging court room battle scenes that are diminishing his innocence. We feel his anger and confusion, when a laywer who might be too good for his own good, asks a bunch of quetions that Rick has trouble answering because there always seems to be curcial info left out. As well as personally, from Karen who wants to take down Atlantor but save Rick at the same time, it doesn't seem possible, it's helping her career but is making her personal life once again desent even more. Lily and maybe even the kids starting to have a few doubts about Rick's innocence, they don't say it it's more like a brief feeling that overcomes them a matter of seconds.

    And how it finally hits him when the police search out his appartment, in a way seeing the police search the place out signified the end of a lot of things for Rick. The end of a dream, end of his career, but worst of all end of his way of life.moreless

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