Once and Again

Season 1 Episode 16

Daddy's Girl

Aired Unknown Feb 14, 2000 on ABC



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    • Grace: I think they should invent a new word. A word that describes the moment before you kiss someone. I think it's like when a bird decides that it can fly.

    • Grace: Look, I'm not together, in any way at all. I just think you should know that about me.
      Jared: I disagree.
      Grace: No, I'm not. And I'm not like other girls either, so... not that I even want to be, so don't...
      Jared: Well, I hope you're not. Look, do I get to have an opinion here? Because I think you are amazing, truly. Like the way a lake is amazing, or snow. What I mean is, you don't have to do anything.
      Grace: Well, that's good. That's good... um... because I never know what it is I'm supposed to do.

    • Grace: Why is it so hard to figure out what guys are thinking? I guess they don't really want you to know. Like it would take away their power, or something. It usually looks like they're not thinking anything at all. That can't be right.

    • Zoe: What's wrong?
      Grace: Nothing.
      Zoe: Nothing always means something.

    • Toby: In most divorces, men get angry and women get poor.

    • Grace: I liked what you wrote.
      Jared: How'd you know?
      Grace: I just... knew. I don't know, I, uh...
      Jared: I'm Jared.
      Grace: Grace.
      Jared: Amazing Grace. I'm sorry, you probably get that all the time.
      Grace: No, not really.

    • Zoe: Mommy, why are you mad?
      Lily: I'm not mad.
      Zoe: You look mad.
      Lily: Angry. Angry is the word. Mad means insane.

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