Once and Again

Season 3 Episode 17

Experience Is the Teacher

Aired Unknown Apr 01, 2002 on ABC

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  • Hands Clean

    The, at this point, very complicated relationship between Grace and her english teacher begins to unfold before the eyes of even the most clueless students, Mr. Dimitri still doing his best not to treat Grace as the girlfriend they both try to pretend she isn't and Grace clumsy but decisively taking things to the next step.

    It was only a matter of time before a concerned mother would make things clear for Lily, yet she still dismisses this whole mess as some sort of crush her daughter developed on her mentor, that is until a very disturbing inscription made it painfuly clear that, they may not be physically involved yet, but this is far from unilateral.

    Once the school board takes action, Grace can't help but to go to Mr. Dimitri's house for one last look on her story, arguing like regular boyfriend and girlfriend until a kiss takes them both by surprise and set things straight for one August Dimitri: things have gone too far.

    To Lily's credit, as freaked out as she is, she regains poise to defend her daughter at the school meeting (even if that means to defend Dimitri). To her ex-husband's credit, he does react like a man who spent most of his adult life chasing after younger women would when Karma slaps him in the face. And to Mr. Dimitri's credit, he does act like a teacher, right up until the bitter end, cutting a beatuful story shorter but validating it in the process. Right or wrong, neither one of them can walk away with their hands clean.