Once and Again

Season 3 Episode 17

Experience Is the Teacher

Aired Unknown Apr 01, 2002 on ABC



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    • Grace: We've got to tell people.
      Dimitri: Tell people what?
      Grace: You know, the truth!
      Dimitri: Uh-Huh... and what's that?

    • Grace: It's so unfair!
      Dimitri: It's not that unfair, Grace. I'm expected to...
      Grace: No, it's unfair to me! Because everyone in that entire school thinks that we did all this stuff, and we never even got to even do it because you never even let me!

    • Grace: And it's not the girl with the loveliest eyes, it's the girl with the loneliest eyes. You read it wrong.

    • Lily: For the girl with the loveliest eyes, love always August. So you call him August?
      Grace: I don't know what I call him.

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    • Grace: And with a burning pain in my heart I realized how needless and petty were all those things which had kept us from loving one another. I came to realize that when you are in love in all your judgements about love you must start from something higher th...

      This is an excerpt from the On Love by Chekhov, a story Dimitri told Grace to read. Grace reads this aloud in black and white soliloquay/interview. Story sums up the entire ambiguous Grace/Dimitri relationship- well in some ways and in others.