Once and Again

Season 1 Episode 21

Letting Go

Aired Unknown Apr 17, 2000 on ABC

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  • Lost Nearness

    Cheating to me I always felt was always a bad game to play, not just the fact people get hurt in the end but the trouble with an open relationship is it never really goes anywhere and there is no real connection. This episode is focused on Judy and she is at her best.

    The subplot with Lily and Rick was nothing really special it was mainly just story filler but this episode really isn't abou them anyway.

    Grace's subplot is interesting because it's basically parallels the subject matter. In a way I don't know if it's intentional but I guess what Grace is going though disallusionmentis a lot like what's happening with the O-Zone layer the damage might not be visable but it's there. The knowledge of her dad commiting adultery has really gotten to her, and of course there is her suspision of her boyfriend cheating on her; there was nothing definate on that but from the way he interacted with that other girl it's possible(On a sidenote I never found his character interesting).

    In this episode I'll admit I felt pathos for the chracter Judy, in a strange way her characters is uncanily similar to myself, like me she isn't really a commitment type nor is she really into the domestic lifestyle she likes freedom. But deep down there is that truth people like I and her hold which is a sense of true connection, we want the feeling of another person in our presence as well as warmth.

    This was also the first introduction to the chracter Sam who's became sort of a cult favorate in the show latter on. I like how he's not vilianized but we see is a deeply flawed person that really needs to get his act together. I don't hate the guy I just hate what he's doing, I just feel when you commit adultery or cheat it's a sign you don't truely love the significant other your already connected to.

    How the O-Zone medaphor parallels is that it's simply about disallusionment, you might not like hearing about the truth not are able to really see it but it exists all the same.

    There was one camera shot that really shows visually the stadus of the relationship and we see both same and Judy are at a distance. Sam is in the background slightly out of focus while we see Judy's face which is sad and the visual says it all, he's there but he's not really there.

    There was even that moment when Sam shows and gives Judy his picture of when he was a child, that detail tells me that Same does want to connect with her deep inside doing that is a sign of that. But when she brings something up we see he suddenly retreats and Judy didn't show her her picture because of it so one chance is lost.

    Judy even does some desperate acts to make the fantasy of having a true love relationship with Sam a reality and to hold on to feelings she might not get back. But in the end she has to face the truth that what she has with Sam isn't real even though her feelings are and the only thing she can do is to simply let go.

    Then end of the episode I find both sad and hopeful at the same time, when she looks at a photo of herself as a child and then and it turns into a home movies of herself movie where she talks about what she'd want her future husband to be. It's proved she didn't betray those ideals, even though she hasn't acheved them now she can get them if she's capable of feeling what she just felt. That person for her and for all of us does exist and is out there somewhere.
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