Once and Again

Season 2 Episode 21

Moving On

Aired Unknown Apr 25, 2001 on ABC
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Moving On
Rick and his kids start to move their stuff to Lily's and Lily gets a call to sign the divorce papers. Carla tells Eli that she's not going back home because she's convinced that her parents hate her. So Eli asks Grace to ask Lily about staying at Lily's house. Eli gets his reply from the University of Illinois about admittance, and it's not good. Lily's hesitant about Carla staying with them. Eil tells his dad about the letter, at the dinner table, and neither one of them is happy now. Carla is worried that her plans to travel in Europe in the summer might not happen. Lily discovers medicine missing from her cabinet. Suspecting Carla, she goes to Carla's bag and finds them. Carla confesses to Rick about the pills. Lily goes to visit with Carla's stepmother and finds out some reasons for her problems. Carla tells Eli, in the middle of school, that she is leaving town immediately for Portland, Oregon. Eli says he wants to go with her. They plan to meet at the bus station that night. Rick finds out about the plan. He finds Eli at the bus station, still waiting for Carla. They get into a heated argument. Eli finds out that Carla left without him. To Rick's relief, Lily signs the divorce papers.moreless

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  • Departure

    This episode is pritty much about the departure of Carla as well as the end of Grace and Eli's ties to her. I'll be honest I never really trusted her from the get go, she just had some really messed up karma vibes going on. She could never really keep her prioities straight, dishonest, flaky, scaterbrained, selfish, weak, pathetic and worst of all insesitive. Even that fifty habbit of hers of missing the waste basket every time reflected her polluted psyche. This episode truely proves who was really the third wheel in the trio dynamic (and I think we've always known) was truely Carla not Grace. It was always suppose to be Grace and Eli together not the other way around. Carla does probably the cruelist thing any person would do. She breaks two hearts, by first breaking Eli's heart which automatically severs the friendship Grace had with her.

    I'll admit I felt pathos for both Grace and Eli. Even though Eli loves Carla, Carla unfortuantely doesn't likewise. And of course he plans to runaway with her, as she is making plans to run. We know that if Eli goes with Carla that it's going to be a decision he'll regret for the rest of his life, subcounciously he probably knows it's a bad decision but is so wrapped up in his feeling for Carla with the insecurity he suffers from combined he fails to listen. And of course to demonstate Carla's insensitive she ditches out on him but not meeting at the bus stop at the desgnated time. Especially Grace on that last part when Carla just comes into Grace room just to get some cash from her and say good bye to her, because in her mind their still friends. Grace reluctantly give it to her, though you can tell from her eyes she's begining to feel this is a soul not worth saving, she's right. As Grace says, Carla should of just left forever the minute she walked out of class, or I personal think if she didn't want to be with both Grace and Eli anymore she should of just made a clean break with them. But she didn't, and then there a moment when Carla hugs Grace but Grace doesn't hug her back. In a small way without many words Grace disolves the friendship between then, while in that hug she has her other hand on her own sort of a symbolism saying "you broke my heart".

    Grace and Eli have each other in the end, while Carla travels far away alone forever.moreless
Melora Hardin

Melora Hardin

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Lisa Dinkins

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