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  • Best show ever!

    This was and will always be, my favorite show on television! It was Funny, serious, romantic, and had a great positive message each week! I still can't believe Abc cancelled this show, this should have been on for 10yrs plus! So many story lines, they could've explored! Still disappointed to this day! Now the 3 season needs to come out on DVD!! So I can binge watch the complete series from time to time!
  • Best show!

    I didn't get a chance to catch much of this show while it was originally airing. I caught one of two eps of the last season and it intrigued me so I bought Season 1 on DVD as soon as it came out. I was glued to the TV and couldn't stop watching. One of the best shows ever! I bought Season 2 as well and was lucky to catch season 3 in syndication. I hope they eventually release it on DVD.
  • So awkward.

    There was never really a time where I could ever think this show was interesting. Every time I saw the previews for it, I had no interest in watching it. Of course, I was a little too young to care, but it really seemed like a boring show. I have to admit that it had some okay acting, but it never made any sense. I guess now that I think of it, it was just an okay show with okay acting. It never was a standout, but I guess it is my opinion. Overall, it was an average show that was for other's tastes. Thank you.
  • A forty-something couple, coming off failed marriages, begin a life together.

    I came across this series on DVD, and it is easily one of the best dramatic series ever shown. It takes ordinary people, facing the day-to-day issues we all deal with, and tells stories that are simply compelling. There are no car chases, shoot-outs or alien visitations, yet I found myself watching episodes back to back, anxious to see what comes next. The writing and acting are superb, making it easy to care about the characters. It's hard to believe that the series ended after only three seasons. It's even harder to believe that the third season has not been released on DVD. We need more shows with the kind of realistic portrayals given in "Once and Again."
  • Simply one of the best television shows ever created. The season 3 DVD has been delayed.

    As many of you may already know the release of the Once and Again season 3 DVD has been delayed indefinitely. :( Please visit the link below and sign the petition to help us get season 3 released. Hopefully it will help get it to us sooner if they know how many of us really want it. Tell everyone you know who loves the show about it as well.


    Or you can call Buena Vista Home Entertainment's Customer Relations number at 1-800-723-4763. They are open Monday through Friday 9:30-7:30 Central Time. Or, email them at BVHEInfo@BVHEHelp.com and let them know that you want it.

  • I was so shock when I heard it was going off the air for good. I love the show Once and Again. I still hope one of these days they will bring it back on the air. I love all the cast members that were all on the show.

    One of the reason why I love the show so much. That is how my life was growing up. I watched the show when it aired and when it went off the air. By watching the show I understand better about how my life was growing up. I am thankful that I have parents that love me and when I need something or for them to listen to me there are always there for me. In this world today there are kids all around the world that do not have parents or have anyone to be there for them. Thank you, P.s. If I hurt anyones feeling what I wrote I am very sorry.
  • I found this show by changing channels and i automattically fell in love with it.

    This series is an extraordinary story tell in a extraordinary way. We first meet the two divorced families one father with its kids and one mother with theirs. Both divorced parents meet and fell in love.
    Personally i come from a divorced family as well, and i automattically relate to almost every problem in both families. Me and my mother used to watch it every chance we got and it was a very pleasant time for us.
    I recommend this show to everyone, not just divorced people becuase it deals with family values and situations that everyone can relate to and learn from them. :)
  • A funny show about mixed families and how to cope with all the REAL dramas in life. I love Sela Ward and Billy Campbell. The rest of the cast is great.

    I MISS this show and was truly devastated when it was cancelled. I wish I had the power to bring it back. I cried such a good cry "release" is what I called it every episode. I miss it more than... well than most things in life. It was life changing for me and I wish it would just suddenly re-appear on the air. I would stay up till any hour just to see this show.
  • Two divorced parents find love again and struggle to keep that love among exes, children, other family, and friends.

    One of the reasons that this show is so fabulous is because it deals with real life issues so well. It has covered parental death, the impact of a divorce on both a couple and their children, eating disorders, sexual experimentation at a young age, and the struggle of two single parents to fall in love despite a whole other world around them. This show was one of the best shows on television when it began in 1999 and it was cancelled far before its time. Rick and Lily's relationship, both with each other and with their respectives exes, is believable and the children's experiences are actually issues I care about and I hoped they would be able to get through. Even 4 years after its cancellation, Once and Again is still one of my top favorite shows ever.
  • once and again.. was one of the best!!

    once and again was one of the best shows on tv in it's short time. from the very first show until the last i was hooked.
    every week i watched the lives of this man and woman who struggled with their relationship and tried to bring their families together. and just not from their point of view but also the kids, the ex's, their parents, siblings.
    for me i connected in some ways with every character. taking pieces of emotion from each. the childrens reaction on the new person in their parents life was real for me. every step that they took reminded me of my own issues on the subject.
    needless to say i felt like i was a part of their lives, sharing things that they went through each week. not a lot of shows do that for me.
    sela ward and billy campbell were the best couple on tv at that time and really are still in a lot of ways. really the whole cast was the best. that is what writing should be on tv. honest, real,and believeable. i want to say thank you to the writers and the cast for giving me the chance to go on the journey with them.
    and ABC i will probably never forgive you for giving up on this show. that was a major mistake. but at least i had a little time with it

  • One of the greatest, full of emotions and natural relationships.

    What can I say about Once and Again that haven't been told before? From the first episode to the last, this series kept its quality, by having the most everyday happenings.
    It's supernatural ability to bring the simplest stories, expressing their evolutions and how they affect other people in the close surroundings, is remarkable.
    I really enjoyed watching every episode of Once and Again. No other TV series made me stop and think, it most be based on a real story. Who never heard of breaking of a family, and the attempts of the two sides to start all over? No one. It gets more complicated when you have kids, and the Ex has to be around part of the time, and s/he has to get used to the new partner, while the kids have to get used to the new partner, and probably his/her kids. It gets really hard.
    Once and Again did it perfectly. Their methods of the characters telling the story (in the Black-White scenes) are also a great idea.
    I encourage TV makers to make more realistic series. It's just more reliable.
  • One of the most well written dramas that has ever been on television.

    It was so sad that they cancelled this wonderful show from the ABC line up because it was definitley one of the best dramas there has been on television. A great family ensemble drama dealing with real life struggles of family, divorce, kids, relationships and the changing family dynamic. I wish they would bring this show back to television! A definite must see.
  • Three years after the series ended and I still miss the Mannings and Sammlers.

    "Once & Again" was, in my opinion, by far the best TV show ever produced. The writing, cast and general production was absolutely flawless.

    Aired in a time where reality TV was at its peak I could never understand why this show didn't find its audience. If it's reality you're after, you wont find anything closer than this!

    The shows creators have an uncanny knack of perfectly casting their shows and spotting young talent and "Once & Again" was no exception. The young cast members, in particular, were fantastic.

    The characters and relationships were so beautifully realistic that by the end of the series it was like saying goodbye to friends. I still miss them and wonder what they'd be up to now if the show had continued.
  • This is the best show ever!!!

    I saw Season 1, but I can\\\'t wait for Season 2! And for Canadian viewers, Once and Again will be picked up on the W Network beginning September 10th! And for U.S. viewers, a mystery basic cable network will pick up Once and Again starting September 5th. But what network will it be?
  • A wonderous find

    My adventures into the world of \"Once and Again\" began almost three years ago when the first season was released on DVD. I went into my neighborhood video store where I was purchasing \"Felicity Season 1\" when the storekeeper asked me if I wanted to rent the first disc of another show by the same company. Also on the look out for another great show, I rented the disc. The first disc hooked me on all the characters the world surrounding the show. But before I could get to disc 2, like alot of mom & pop stores, my video store closed down. Fast Forward three years, I and joined netflix, and I rented the second disc... now that I have finished with the first seaosn, I can honestly say that \"Once and Again\" is a show like ulike all the others. While it will never be a personal favorite, it just has a way of sucking you in as a viewer and not letting go... The writting also makes the viewers not only experience what is going on, on screen, but it creates goosebumps, and makes the viewer actually think about what is transpirering.

    If you in the mood for a really good intelletual show, something to complement your moods like \"Felicity\" does, or just want a tv show that makes you think, \"Once and Again\" is for you.
  • By far the best show ever canceled. Producers of: '1/4Life', 'Thirtysomething', 'Relativity', and 'My So-Called Life' cowtowed Alphabet brass displaying inept judgment not allowing '0&A' to develop following or -- Worst Case Scenario -- moving f

    This show is great because a family with a preener, a teenager, and both parents to sit down together and enjoy a show that while no 'Leave It To Beaver' is appropriate enough to watch with your ten year old in that the adult humor will pass w-a-y over their heads; the lives of Gracie, Jessie, and Ely will have your teenager(s) riveted, and the adults will appreciate the 'been there done that' feeling about raising the kids while at the same time be absolutely drawn in by the dialog, the drama, and the romance of a couple that are at an age where they do not want to admit that they are past their 'salad' years yet that by no means is a death sentence -- particularly for any adult who has gone through having to choose sides *even though you promise that you are not going to* as to whether you stay friends with the man or the woman when a close couple friend goes through a divorce -- because despite your noblest intentions -- it is impossible for your friends' familial break-up not to have repurcussions on your own family! Pure brilliance in the story line of Jessie's eating disorders, ex-spouses wondering where the line is and if or when it should ever be crossed, and a beautiful love story of two Chicagoans who had given up on love until in happens upon them "Once And Again", unexpectedly!
  • In this romantic family drama from Emmy Award-winning executive producers Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick (Thirtysomething, My So-Called Life).

    I love this show because it tackles on relationships, and depicts closely to the lives we live. I was sad to see the show gone, because its one of the most well written and acted shows on TV. Let me put some perspective on my opinion: I'm a 21-year old college student, so I guess I'm supposed to really like Real World, and things more geared to my age range. While I love those shows, this show hits on more in-depth topics.

    Once and Again centers around the romantic ups and downs of pair of 40somethings; the man divorced, the woman about to be.
    The handsome Rick Sammler and lovely Lily Manning are two divorced parents who meet for the first time and begin a complicated yet entertaining journey of "adult" courtship. Lily has recently separated from her husband, Jake and has devoted herself solely to creating the perfect home for her daughters, Zoë and Grace--until Rick. Grace (Whelan), an awkward high school girl, who until her recent first kiss with a black schoolmate had a huge crush on Lily's boyfriend Rick's son, Eli. And when not worrying that she's revolting, insists that the perfect home has both parents in residence.
    And then there’s Zoë, an energetic kid who asks the questions the parents are supposed to ask and has the answers too. Such is the role of the children on the show; they are infinitely wiser and more poised than their bumbling parents.

    Rick (played by Bill Campbell, the former Rocketeer) is a three-years-divorced architect. Rick's two children, 16 year-old Eli (West) and 12 year-old Jessie (Wood), want the best for their father, but they have their own drama. Eli is a handsome guy, who excels in sport and dating, but when it comes to the classroom, his restraint isn't there. And later on you figure out Jesse has an eating disorder. Which enrages Grace (Lily’s daughter) because she cant seem to stick to a diet.

    Part of the show's originality has to do with its format, which is a narrative; disrupted by "unedited" black and white "interviews" with the characters. The characters are positioned on the side of the screen and the empty space left in the frame allows viewers to position themselves as therapist. The clear focus of this: it situates us in relation to the characters' trauma and their frustrating inability to talk coherently about it. But the empty space is crucial, as it invites us to sit in as confidants, it also flattens out our potentially contradictory responses.