Once and Again

Season 3 Episode 14

The Gay-Straight Alliance

Aired Unknown Mar 11, 2002 on ABC

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  • Sense and Sensibility

    The Gay-Straight Alliance serves as frame for Jessie and Grace respective love stories, the gay half of the alliance struggling with her feelings over Katie, meanwhile the straight half is not struggling at all with the newfound connection to her english teacher.

    To be completely fair to Grace, Mr. Dimitri is not exactly helpful, chuckling at their "So, I was thinking of doing some teaching. What do you say?" private joke, after he offers her a casual ride home in which she invites herself & the entire alliance over to his house, something that Jessie finds as disturbing as the sight of Katie joining the meeting to spend time with her.

    Contrary to what Lily believes, neither her daughter nor her teacher act like gay people around each other, the tension building up until Grace finds him with another woman, just when she was about to tell him how she fells. It would've been the end of it, if not for Gay-Straight Alliance presentation the next day. Unlike Mr. Dimitri, Katie has no problems to tell Jessie how she feels. Unlike Grace, Jessie is not upset so Katie and Jessie share their first kiss, with the earnest devotion Mr. Dimitri wishes he could share private jokes with Grace, the book of poems he wrote on his twenties, a ride home every now and then or long conversations that'd last for hours but he can't do that. They can't be friends.

    Grace pointedly asks about the woman she found in his house, despite she can't do that. Mr. Dimitri tells her the woman is not his girlfriend, despite he can't do that. They both share a moment, despite are not allowed. As they lean in for a kiss, despite they can't do that, Lily taps the window of the car, as clueless as ever. Grace's mother thanks Mr. Dimitri for bringing Grace home as the straight half of the alliance rushes upstairs to Jessie's bedroom. The Gay-Straight Alliance blissfully aware that, in this instance, they are complete equals.