Once and Again

Season 2 Episode 22

The Second Time Around

Aired Unknown May 02, 2001 on ABC



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    • Tiffany: He seems like a super nice guy, super nice.
      Judy: He is, he's, um...
      Tiffany: I used to be the worst judge of people, like, if somebody, y'know, smiled at me I'd practically give them all of my money and move in with them, but he seems like an unusually nice person. Plus, he'd kinda cute.

    • Jessie: What's he saying?
      Zoe: Nobody knows, but it's Hebrew.

    • Lily: Be sure to eat something. Many hungry brides have been known to faint.

    • Grace: I'm all alone. Do you even realize that? Do you even know what that feels like?
      Lily: No, honey, I don't. I've always been too afraid to find out what that feels like. I'm so glad that you're not.

    • Zoe: I can't find my little mirror, and I really need it.
      Rick: This little mirror?
      Zoe: How did you know where it was?
      Rick: I don't know.
      Zoe: I guess it's good that you're tall. You can reach stuff.
      Rick: Yeah, sometimes.

    • Lily: The fact that you can stand here under a parachute and quote Winston Churchill when we're in the middle of deciding whether or not to get married makes me want to marry you.
      Rick: Is that what we're doing? We're standing here deciding whether to get married or not?
      Lily: Well, we're not just whistling Dixie.

    • Karen: Is your father all right?
      Jessie: He's watching the History Channel.
      Karen: Oh dear.
      Jessie: Yeah.

    • Tiffany: The fact that they were brave enough to attempt marriage was giving me hope.
      Jake: Well, you can still have hope.
      Tiffany: I can?
      Jake: Yeah. It doesn't cost anything.

    • Eli & Grace: What?!
      Jessie: They called off the wedding.

    • Eli: It's so weird that she doesn't miss me, 'cause I'm never gonna stop missing her.
      Grace: I know.
      Eli: You're like the only person who does know. You're, like, the only person who doesn't keep telling me that it's not true.

    • Rick: Were your wedding vows in Hebrew?
      Arnold: My entire marriage has been in Hebrew.

    • Grace: Whatcha doing?
      Eli: Watching ants.

    • Jake: What are you upset about? Maybe I can help.
      Zoe: You can't.
      Jake: Come on, try me.
      Zoe: I'm upset because I can't find my little hand mirror that Judy gave me for Hanukah, 'cause the only way you can tell if your hair looks all right from the back is with a hand mirror, and I don't like going out in public if I haven't checked if my hair looks all right from the back.
      Jake: You're right, I can't help.

    • Rick: You have to have the pregnant former girlfriend of the ex-spouse. That's traditional.

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