Once and Again

Season 2 Episode 20

Won't Someone Please Help George Bailey Tonight (2)

Aired Unknown Apr 18, 2001 on ABC
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Won't Someone Please Help George Bailey Tonight (2)
Miles gets indicted and work on the Atlantor project is indefinitely suspended. Rick is invited to appear on a local talk show to tell his side of the story. But instead, he gets ambushed by the host on the air and leaves in the middle of the interview. The DA working on the case does everything but say that he is interested in Karen. They steal a "moment" at an awards dinner they both attended. After drinking a lot a bar with co-workers, Rick comes home and get into an argument with Lily. Rick goes to Miles' suite and angrily confronts an obviously dying Miles. Rick rambles on to Lily about why she shouldn't marry him, but Lily tells him that she does want to marry him - faults and all.moreless

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  • Losing it all.

    This episode I personally thought was a disappointing follow up. I think it had two flaws which sort of took this two parter's thunder away. For one think how the plot reasolved itself too easily, the legal battles were settled imediately that's too bad because I wanted to see at least one or two more courtroom battle scenes and actually see Rick struggle more with proving his innocence while slightly going though a depression would of been more interesting and intreging, instead of just seeing him going though the motions of being just plan depressed from the aftermath which were scenes I thought at times went on a little too long. The writers I think commited one cardnal sin in storytelling, "Never take the easy way out". Well they took the easy way out and it wasn't the right way.

    Another think about this episode I didn't like was this subplot that seemed to of came out of nowhere, where some jerk shock jock tv host of "The Concious of Chicago" more like dirty concious, pubilcally hummulates Rick for no good reason. It was such a stupid and rather unbelevable ploy to make the sittuation for Rick even worse than it already is. I can't help but wonder if this was a subplot picked out of a drawing box of subplots, that is another cardnal sin the writers have commited "Make sure the subplots logically flow right with the plot itself" well unfortuantely it looks the writers didn't have the winning subplot ticket with this one.

    At least the positives are seeing little moments which makes are heart bleed for the guy, from visiting the dying Miles and then giving him his turtle back (probably a fake anyway like Miles) sort of Rick's little way of severing his ties with him and telling Miles to go to Hell (I agree). Seeing his business slowly distigrating and then seeing Rick destroy the model of a dream that turned out to be a lie. But the best part of all was Rick's time with Lily in some places, and in my favorate scene it was in the final moment when both Rick and Lily have a conversation. Lily really shows strength and comes though, despite what Rick says to her about himself, Lily want to marry him all the same, strengths and weeknesses she loves him all the same.moreless
  • Rick's world is about to implode after the D.A. begins its investigation into Atlantor and Miles Drentell.

    Billy Campbell is brilliant in this episode. He gives such a powerful performance and the closing sequence when he breaks down is hard to watch. The emotions are so raw, and so real. He should have received the Emmy for this episode. It is the first time that I feel Lily was truly 'there' for him instead of being her usual self centered, self absorbed ice princess. Kudos to Ed Zwick & Marshall Herskovich for delivering such an amazing show and shame on Disney/ABC television for not standing behind it. The show still had so much life left in it.moreless

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