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Once Upon a Time

Sunday 8:00 PM on ABC Premiered Oct 23, 2011 In Season



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Show Summary

Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, writers of Lost, have created a modern take on fairy tales with a female lead character, Emma Swan, who has moved to Maine. The show revolves around the adaptation of fairytale characters such as Snow White and Prince Charming who have been brought into the real world with no knowledge of their true identities, due to the Evil Queen, who cast an evil spell on the entire land.


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  • Ginnifer Goodwin

    Ginnifer Goodwin

    Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard

    Jennifer Morrison

    Jennifer Morrison

    Emma Swan

    Lana Parrilla

    Lana Parrilla

    Evil Queen/Regina Mills

    Josh Dallas

    Josh Dallas

    Prince Charming/David Nolan

    Emilie de Ravin

    Emilie de Ravin


    Colin O'Donoghue

    Colin O'Donoghue

    Captain Hook

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    Fan Reviews (246)

    • Stopped watching after season 2

      Why not create a whole new character and make them gay ? they created a whole new character in Emma , why not do the same with a gay character ? it could have worked very well . why always "turn" a straight character gay ? Mulan is not gay , she's a tomboy that's all . this show was ruined from season 2 . of course gay storyline are not the main reason for that ( bad acting, bad writing , bad costumes , bad/too much casting ) but it's one of the reasons, for sure .

      ps : to those complaining , you should have known better than to trust this show, how could you have missed the signs in season 2 ? (mulan)moreless
    • So Long Once Upon A Time

      I'm pretty bummed about ABC's decision to air this episode of Once Upon A Time which attempts to idealize a romantic storyline and make-out session between two female characters, especially when this time slot and show are deliberately targeted to families. Some folks say that it's ridiculous to protest, equating any objections with an attempt to maintain an irrational perspective that homosexuals do not exist. This characterization is simply false. The outcry has nothing to do with denial of reality--everyone knows that homosexuals exist, infidelity exists, polygamists exist, swingers exist, etc. Additionally, regardless of anyone's behavior, everyone has value and deserves compassion. The thing is, morality exists, too. The behavior that you choose matters to both you and everyone around you that you influence and impact. Just because something exists doesn't mean that it should be idealized or deemed appropriate entertainment material for families.

      Ideals matter, and they're critical to our society and the kids that we raise in that society. The ideal situation for kids is to be raised by both a mother and father who care for them and care for each other over a lifelong commitment. The ideal situation for an adult is to be married to a spouse of the opposite gender who complements their perspectives and impulses and teaches them about the opposite gender in ways that their own gender and other acquaintances cannot.

      It all comes down to one very basic and important idea. Men and women are both emotionally and physically different from each other. Hormones are different, brain structure is different, and instincts are different. You don't have to be married very long before this becomes surprisingly apparent in ways that you never realized before. This isn't to say that one gender is superior to the other; it's to say that there are significant differences that should be valued and appreciated, rather than demonized or nonsensically denied. Understanding and appreciating these differences is crucial to understanding and appreciating what it really means to be a "good man" or to be a "good woman," and it has a major impact on our ability to raise the next generation of good men and good women.

      Caring about and valuing homosexuals doesn't require idealization of their behaviors, and people of all walks of life should be able to recognize the importance of upholding and fighting for unbroken homes with mothers and fathers who uphold their vows and teach their kids to be good men and women.

      I've had fun watching Once Upon a Time for the past several years, and it's really one of only two shows that I've consistently watched. Unfortunately, I won't be watching any future episodes, as I think their stated goal to normalize homosexual relationships is incredibly destructive to everyone's interests.moreless
    • Another show ruined by producers pushing an agenda

      I have loved Once Upon a Time, especially the first three seasons. I love how Emma came to believe, I love Snow and Prince Charming, and I love Emma and Hook's romance. I love the idea of true love.

      Unfortunately, the writers turned true love into true lesbian lust, and I find that revolting. A VERY small percentage of people are homosexual, and those of us who have normal (yes, I said normal) passions do not want to watch the minority engaging in homosexual relationships.

      There just was no need at all to introduce that into a show about fairy tales, a show that many families watch together. As they can see from reading the comments here and, I'm sure, the comments sent to ABC, people are not as stupid as they think. The writers can't trick us into thinking that this is normal behavior just by showing it on television.

      It would be great if movie and TV writers and producers wrote for the majority and kept the content clean (including what they show for heterosexual relationships).moreless

      I am very disappointed very angered by how the writers are portraying Disney by turning it into a LBGT characters with having a passionate kiss to boot was uncalled for.

      This was a family show in my home and watched it every week but now NO way.

      I agreed with many of the posts out here.

      Wrong move to do with the show..
    • chill the f#ck out already

      Ok i am so friggin tired of these butthurt ppl complaining about the gay ppl exist. get the frick over it. also get over the fact that gay ppl arent friggin evil. also get over the fact that once upon a time is a really great show that is pretty damn original in and of its self! i mean how cool is it that the evil queen is sister to Zelena. or that Rumpelstiltskin is the crocodile that cuts if Hooks hand. how awesome is it that the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White (Emma) hooks up with Hook? (no pun a bit)

      Yea this show may need a couple of tweaks but in general is a awesome and fun show. Honestly there was one kiss between 2 females and everyones getting mean im sure we all passed this unit in health class guys why is it such a big deal???

      the point is ya'll need to get ur head out of your asses and move the hell on already. the producers most likely arent about to show another episode like that again. so get of your damn high horse, sit your ass on your couch next sunday, and watch the fucking show.

      Thank you

      Spoken from a catholic conservative who is freaking done with everyone bullshit on this mattermoreless

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