Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 10

7:15 A.M.

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2012 on ABC

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  • My FAVORITE episode.

    I love this show.
  • Very interesting as usual!

    I really enjoyed this one as usual! The show is going great so far! The storyline with Prince Charming and Snow White getting togethre is dragging on a bit longer than I would've hoped for, but it is still interesting enough to follow. I do - however - prefer the episodes that are centered around Emma, Henry and/or The Evil Queen Regina instead of the episodes centered around Snow White and Prince Charming.

    Having said that, this one had some interesting moments! I've been hoping for more of the Seven Dwarves ever since the very first scenes of the show! Turns out there were Eight Dwarves, including a 'Stealthy' one! That's really funny! But also sad.

    The very ending of the episode today was a bit of an unexpected cliffhanger. I wasn't expecting it, but I can't wait to see how things develop from here! I'm very excited to learn that there will be an episode on Sunday in Australia, so we won't need to wait until next Tuesday! :P

    Keep up the awesomeness, Once Upon a Time! :)
  • starting to tired of Mary Margaret and David

    The show was quite entertaining and things are still coming together nicely. This show has become part fantasy and part mystery! And a great mystery at that. Whats up with wanting a hair? I love how things get answered just before you are about to forget the question. Some people have complained that it is all too slow in revealing things, but I think it is all moving along at a perfect pace.

    The only thing about this show is that I am starting to get sick of Mary Margaret and David going back and forth. Sorry to all thee fans of that particular part of the show, but I am almost bored with them. Not with Snow or Charming, but with their Real World counterparts....
  • The stranger

    This episode was really good. I really look forward to when snow and charming get their past back. I thought the kiss would have brought the past for them back but nothing like grahams. And when snow touches emma's baby blanket you see her think but shrug it off...when will they be finally together?

    And who is this strange new guy that says he is a writer, he seems to be interested in henry amd I have a feeling he wrote the 'once a upon a time' book written by the grimm brothers. I did my research and used to have the book as a kid. So is he the creator writing it all as it happens?

    We won't know unless we keep watching.
  • Loved it.

    This episode was powerful, Charming and Snow have great chemistry and it was fun watching both love each other from afar. I thought it was really sweet Charming followed her into the woods to make sure she was okay. What I was disappointed with was their first kiss, I guess I waited for it for so long i wanted it to be magical. Another question came to mind when they kissed..if Graham remembered who he was because he kissed Emma, shouldn't something happen when Charming and Snow kissed?? and what evil plan Regina has in store for these two?

    I really love how Charming did not give up on Snow even after she rejected him, I am intrigue with their past live just as much as their present lives.

  • The show continues to struggle

    Maybe it's just me, but so far the episodes that followed Graham's death haven't been that good. Although, this one was better and it had some great moments between Mary Margaret and David.

    I really like this show, but it almost feels like a procedural with the fairytale of the week and after a while it's getting kind of repetitive. They also really need to work on Emma, as lead she's not very interesting or engaging.
  • 7:15 A.M.

    7:15 A.M. was a perfect and entertaining episode of Once Upon A Time and I really enjoyed watching as the new visitor was mysterious and coy, Mary Margret and David find some common time while Snow and James have their hearts broken. It was interesting to learn what was in the strangers box, and it makes me wonder if he has some sort of outside power in a creator context. The ending was great and it was a perfect move to have Regina in the background of the scene witnessing Mary Margret and David reuniting. The stories are wonderful, the characters fun and perfect. It was interesting to see the 7 Dwarfs. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • good but sux

    the show was realy good but sad.. i cant wait for snow and the prince to realy be together and more of the people to get there past back..it just keeps getting better.