Once Upon a Time

Season 3 Episode 19

A Curious Thing

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2014 on ABC
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When Hook refuses to curse Emma and enact Zelena's curse, the Wicked Witch threatens Henry. Meanwhile, during the missing year in the Enchanted Forest, Snow and Charming seek out Glinda the Good Witch in an attempt to stop Zelena. However, their efforts lead to the curse that stripped the Storybrooke inhabitants of their memories.


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  • Filling in the Blanks

    Getting down to the final innings of the season and arc, this is another homer. Not a whole lot I can say, this is an episode that finally fills us in on the rest of what happened on the missing year. It was a big reveal on four things, one on what happened to Glenda. We see that Glenda has been banished from Oz to another land which looks like Narnia. Just seeing her there and what she says makes me wonder why the hell Oz banished her, I get the feeling somehow Zelena tricked the people there, I don't know we'll have to wait and see.

    I'm also wondering if that land Glenda is in is Narnia, which would be very interesting (though it would make the fantasy character rouster more crouded) seeing the charcters of Once interact with the characters in that fantasy series; but it could be a big stretch still that new fantasy land Narnia or not could be a hint for the next adventure for the next season.

    Two who cast the curse and why, we see that Snow and Charming asks Regina to cast it once more in order to get back to our realm. I liked seeing how hesitant Regina was about doing it especially about what she needs to do to make it work, which showed how much she's really changed. We also see that it was Zelena that did (no doubt) cast some spell to wipe out a portion of their memories so they can't stop her, however little does she know she only slowed them down due to the fourth reveal which I'll get to.

    Three we then see how Charming is still around since his heart was used to make the curse work. It appears that the heart method has another use. If the love of two people is true enough then one persons heart can be taken and split and put into them. Just seeing that was interesting on two counts, once again it shows how deep the love both Snow and Charming really goes. But also shows how far Regina has gone, normally this could of been an opportunity to take both of them out but she doesn't go though with it, instead goes though with the plan to save both their lives, or should I say three lives since Snow is pregnant.

    The fourth is of course on who sent Hook the message and potion. And we see that it was Neil when he was able to assume form for a brief time, it not just put all the pieces together but also another good send off for the character showing that he was a hero to the end.

    The business in the reality realm was good which was really a mission to get Henry to believe again. There was a decent confrontation with the flying monkeys and even Zelena, like seeing Emma once again use her Light Magic when Henry is in trouble. It reveals one of Zelena's weaknesses which is sunlight, so in a way Zelena is kinda like a vampire when you think about it, I've never seen her once out in the sunlight; sure she was out in the day but it was usual cloudy, let alone here house is most of the time dark.

    But really the highlight was seeing who it was that breaks the curse at the end and it was Regina which is great, not just was it a spin on things but also just shows Regina's transition and redemption is complete she's no longer a villain but a hero. But most importantly shows that her love for Henry really is true and it was sweet when both of them properly interacted once more. Though also liked that little moment when Robin comes in and Henry, Regina, and Robin walk away together showing that there a family dynamic, Robin could be Henry's stepfather if it ever comes to that which is cool.

    The good guys have scored a homer however there are still innings left and it's going to be Zelena's turn to bat.

  • A Curious Thing

    Again a well-done episode by OUAT. We finally learned what happened in the missing year and who cast the curse. And Henry got his memories back as well. Hook was the one who struggled with his decision not to tell Emma about the threat to her and Henry, though I understand why he did it.

    Loved Snow's and Charming's sacrifice for each other - they are the ultimate one true love. But what was the most rewarding and beautiful moment of this episode was the final step towards Regina's transformation from villain to true hero in her moment with Henry - it was heartwarming. Keep up the good work!moreless
  • Big episode!

    This episode was huge in the storyline - it revealed major events of the past year as well as developing the present day thoroughly as well. The episode in Storybrooke is centered around getting Henry's memories back,while Hook continues with his struggle.

    Back in the fairtyale world, we find out just how the curse came to be and we meet the Good Witch too. The stuff with 'splitting the heart in two' was a little bizarre to say the least, but it is classic chessy Charming & Snow at their cheesy best.

    Regina was downright spectaculr in all of her scenes as usual. Really enjoyed her facial expressions back in the Enchanted Forest.

    Ending of the episode was great! Big times ahead! Can't wait to see how Season 3 will wrap up!moreless
  • O M G O U A T!

    I can not believe how much I love this show. I can't even explain why other than it is the best of everything fantasy or something like that. Talk about edge of my seat - my finger on my remote to FF immediately to get to the next scene. (I DVR shows to bypass commercials). Without saying too much because that would be smelly spoilers - it was awesome. awesome
  • Glinda! True Love! The Dark Curse! Memories Restored! = Answers Galore!

    Finally an episode where there is excellent tension, drama, omg moments and magic steamrolled then delivered excellently for all to enjoy!

    I have loved this second part of Season 3 especially Rebecca Mader's camp but quite bad ass Zelena who is very intent on turning back time! She has consistently performed her vengeful side to the best of her ability and it's completely believable.

    Everything was a treat for the eyes for all fans of OUAT in this episode and the reason why it's not a perfect 10 is because I want to see how the final 3 episodes are delivered and if they live up to this brilliant instalment!moreless
Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin

Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

Emma Swan

Lana Parrilla

Lana Parrilla

Evil Queen/Regina Mills

Josh Dallas

Josh Dallas

Prince Charming/David Nolan

Emilie de Ravin

Emilie de Ravin


Colin O'Donoghue

Colin O'Donoghue

Captain Hook

Sunny Mabrey

Sunny Mabrey


Guest Star

Lee Arenberg

Lee Arenberg


Recurring Role

Sarah Bolger

Sarah Bolger


Recurring Role

Beverley Elliott

Beverley Elliott


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Regina: You're announcing you're pregnant. It's not like you invented the wheel.

    • Snow: It's happening again. I'm about to give birth, and an evil sorceress is threatening the future of my child.
      Regina: To be fair, the first time I was threatening you. Everyone else just became collateral damage.
      Grumpy: Remind me again why we forgave her?
      Regina: Because I'm helping!

    • Grumpy: Wait. You want to sneak into Rumple's castle where he's being held captive by the Wicked Witch? Name's Grumpy, not Stupid.

    • Regina: What do you see in me?
      Robin Hood: Probably the same thing you see in me. A second chance. And you're quite a good kisser.
      Regina: Just wait till I actually have my heart back.
      Robin Hood: What is that like? I mean, can you...?
      Regina: Feel? Yes, I can. Just not fully. It's difficult to explain.
      Robin Hood: Then don't. Use mine for the both of us.

    • Mary Margaret: Regina. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you look smitten.
      Regina: If I didn't know any better, I'd say Haagen-Dazs is smitten with your stomach.

    • Robin Hood: Well, that door almost took off your arm. Where I come from, a simple "thank you" would suffice.
      Regina: Where you come from, people bathe in the river and use pine cones for money.

    • David: Why do women keep their shoe boxes?
      Mary Margaret: Because after true love, there is no more powerful magic than footwear. It has to be protected.

    • Charming: We've always shared one heart. It'll only grow strong when you look at that baby's face... and see the love I have for you in its eyes.
      Snow: I've loved you since the first moment I saw you.
      Charming: And I'll love you until my last.

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