Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 22

A Land Without Magic

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 13, 2012 on ABC

Episode Recap

James tries to break out of his cell in the Queen's dungeon but has no success. He vows to find Snow as the guards haul him out and inform him he's being taken to his execution. As they take him down the hallway, James attacks them and then runs away. However, an archer is waiting and shoots at... the guard behind James. The archer then removes his helmet, revealing that he's the Huntsman, and says that he's there to help Snow. He tells James that the Queen is going to see Snow, gives him his equipment, but says that he can't go because he gave up his heart to the Queen.


Emma takes the comatose Henry to the hospital and refuses to leave his side. She gives the apple turnover to Dr. Whale but he says that Henry is not displaying any signs of poisoning. Emma takes out Henry's storybook as Whale says that it's like magic. She picks up the book and has flashes of all of the tales within. Regina comes in and Emma grabs her and hauls into the storage closet, and then slams her into the shelves. She tells Regina that Henry ate the apple turnover and the mayor says that it was intended for Emma, who realizes that everything is true. Regina confirms that it was and admits that as long as Emma was alive, Henry would never be hers. Crying, the mayor explains that she used the last of her magic to make the turnover, and she doesn't know what it will do to Henry because magic in the real world is unpredictable. Regina says that there's only one other person in town that knows about magic: Gold, better known as Rumpelstiltskin.


The Huntsman goes to Regina and tells her that James escaped. She slams him to the wall and warns him of what happens to people who fail her, and he assures her that he'll find James. However, Regina sees him on the magic mirror and casts a spell through it. James suddenly finds himself in the Infinite Forest. He continues on only to come back to the same spot. Rumpelstiltskin is waiting for him and says that he's there to help. He shows James his mother's ring and enchants it so that it will guide him to Snow. However, Rumpeltiltskin refuses to turn it over without making a deal. James swings at him but Rumpelstiltskin's magic allows him to easily hold him off and finally bring him down. He tells James that they want the same thing.


David approaches Mary Margaret as she goes to her car and admits that he was wrong about everything. He admits that he doesn't know why he keeps making wrong decisions, and the only thing that makes sense in his life is his love for her. David then explains that he's moving to Boston unless Mary Margaret gives him a reason to stay, but she says that she can't and drives away.


Rumpelstiltskin shows James a vial filled with true love, and says he knows a little more about it than James might think. However, he says that his love died and true love must be protected at all costs. When James wonders what Rumpelstiltskin wants him to do, the wizard produces a golden casket, places the vial inside, and tells James that he needs to put it in the belly of a beast. When James wonders why, Rumpelstiltskin says that he needs it for a rainy day.


Emma and Regina go to see Gold, who already knows what happened. He tells them that true love is the only magic that can transcend realms and break any curse. Gold tells her that he made a potion from the strands of her parents' hair, and he placed a drop on the parchment that created the curse. The rest is saved safely, and Gold tells Regina that Emma is the only one who can find it. Regina warns her not to trust Gold, but Emma points out that she has no choice. Gold then asks Regina if their friend is in the basement and explains that he hid it within her. He then opens a case and shows Emma her father's sword, saying that she'll need it where she's going.

Emma goes to the hospital and apologizes, telling her unconscious son that he was right all along. She places his storybook next to him for when he wakes up and then tells Regina that they need to meet in ten minutes. Regina goes to Henry and apologizes. Jefferson steps in and says that it's hard not knowing when one will see their child again. He tells Regina that he's there to get his daughter, but Regina insists that the deal is null and void since Emma didn't eat the apple. She asks if Jefferson wants to kill her, but says that she knows he doesn't have it in him. Regina then leaves to meet with Emma.

Emma goes to see August at his room, but he says that he can't open the door. She bursts in and discovers that August has transformed almost entirely back into a puppet. August realizes that she can see his true condition because she believes, and tells her to break the curse. Emma says that she'll try, but she needs his help to save Henry because she's just a normal person. As he finishes transforming, August says that she's not a normal person and can save all of them.

Regina meets Emma at the library and they go inside. The mayor then opens a secret panel revealing an elevator. She tells Emma to get in, explaining that she has to lower her by hand, and says that an old friend is down there that she trapped in a different form. Emma reluctantly agrees, but tells Regina that the only reasons she's not dead is because she needs her help to save Henry.


Maleficent is at her castle when James slips in, holds his sword to her neck, and demands to know where the beast is. She casts him aside with a gesture and says that she's the beast, and then transforms into a huge dragon. James ducks for cover as Maleficent breathes fire at him.


Emma enters a series of tunnels and finds her way to a vast chamber. A dragon is sleeping within but wakes up as Emma approaches her.


James stays ahead of Maleficent and notices a weak spot on its neck. He then steps out and dares her to attack.


Emma drops the sword and fires her gun.


James runs to the upper level and then jumps onto Maleficent's back. He then drives the casket into the weak spot on her neck and dives out the castle window into the lake below.


Maleficent falls into the nearby abyss as the rocks beneath her give out. However, she flies up and prepares to kill Emma…

Mary Margaret reads the tale of Snow White to the comatose Henry, and describes how true love broke the sleeping curse. She then tells him that she gave him the book because she thought he could have a happy ending. The monitor starts flashing and Whale confirms that Henry's heart rate is falling. Meanwhile, Jefferson disguises himself as an orderly, goes into the sublevel facility, and drugs the nurse watching over Belle. He then releases her and tells that he has to find Gold and tell him that Regina locked her up.


James swims to shore and finds Rumpelstiltskin waiting for him with a fire. He gives the ring back and says that he will find Snow with it. James takes the ring and thanks him, but Rumpelstiltskin says that something is missing and magically summons a suit of fancy clothing for him. When James wonders what he gets out of it, Rumpelstiltskin says that is a fan of true love and what it creates.

Emma fires at the dragon without effect until she runs out of bullets. Seeing the sword nearby, she grabs it and throws it, hitting the weak spot on its neck. The dragon explodes in a burst of flame, leaving the casket lying among the ashes.


James rides across the countryside following the flash of the ring. He arrives as the seven dwarves place Snow within a glass coffin and asks to say goodbye. They step back and James opens the lid and kisses Snow. Magic spreads out from them throughout the land and Snow wakes up. James shows her the ring that led him to her and offers it to her, proposing. Snow accepts but reminds him of their respective parents. When he wonders what they should do, she suggests that they take the kingdom back... together.


The next morning, David is preparing to leave town and looks up at the clock tower for a moment, and then drives away.

Emma takes the elevator back to the surface but it stops near the top. Gold looks down and says that Regina has sabotaged the elevator, and asks him to toss the casket up so she can make the climb. He promises that Henry will be fine and Emma tosses the egg to him. However, by the time Emma climbs up, she discovers that Gold has left after tying up Regina. As they realize that they've been tricked, they both get calls from the hospital. When they get there, Whale is there with the Mother Superior and tells the two women that they did everything they could. Emma goes to her son's bed and stares in shock and horror.

Gold takes the casket to his shop and opens it with a key, and then removes the vial of true love. When he hears the door open, he quickly hides it and tells his visitor that the shop is closed. However, Gold is shocked to discover that it's Belle. She tells him what Jefferson said about Regina locking her up and he grasps her by the shoulder and realizes that she truly exists. Gold embraces her and promises that he'll protect her, and tells her that she doesn't know him but that she will.

As Regina breaks into tears, Emma whispers into her son's ear that she loves him and then kisses him on the forehead. A wave of magic energy sweeps out and Henry comes back to life. He tells her that he loves her, too.

The magic sweeps throughout Storybrooke, striking everyone including David. He pulls to a stop just on the edge of town.

At the hospital, Henry tells Emma that she broke the curse. Regina realizes what has happened but tells Henry that she does love him. She then turns and leaves, realizing what the others will do now that they know who she is.

David goes back to town and sees Mary Margaret. He calls to her as Snow and they run to each other and embrace, remembering their love.

Regina goes to her home and picks up Henry's pillow, crying.

Gold takes Belle into the woods and says that they're close. She calls him Rumpelstiltskin and remembers that she loves her. He says that he loves her as well but says that there's something he has to do. Gold walks to the wishing well and explains that the waters have the power to return what was lost. He then drops the vial into the well and they watch as a cloud of mystic fog pours out.

Emma asks Henry why everyone didn't go back. They look out the window and see the mystic fog approaching the town.

At her home, Regina looks out the window and sees the same fog approaching.

Henry tells Emma that what's approaching is something bad.

Gold tells Belle that he's bringing magic to the world. When she wonders why, he says that magic is power.

Regina smiles in triumph as she realizes what is happening.

Mary Margaret and David look at the approaching cloud and embrace as it sweeps over them.

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