Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 22

A Land Without Magic

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 13, 2012 on ABC

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  • Great end to a GREAT season

    Everything that we have been wondering about has come to a head in this episode. We know for sure what Mr. Gold is up to and why. We are clear about Rumple's EVERY action thus far. Belle is back and Gold will be out for blood. Regina has lost it all as we expected. And even though so much has been wrapped up, there are now a whole buttload of new questions and things to look forward to. Cannot WAIT for season 2 !!
  • Great way to end a rather slow, average season...

    I have to admit this was a pretty great season finale for once upon a time which really did change the game and make me really excited for season 2. The magic coming to storybrooke was a great idea and didnt arrive a moment to soon as most of the storybrooke stories this year have been boring so including magic will surly make season 2 more exciting. I also really how the curse was broken through emmas love of henry some would call it cliche but in a show about fairytales it really worked. Overall a good finale that set things up for a potentially epic season 2
  • Sheer brilliance!

    What an amazng episode! It had it all! I really didn't expect Emma to believe in the fairytales at least for another couple of seasons, and then I thought she wouldn't break the curse for another two or three seasons after that, but looks like we got two in one today.

    It ws full of twist after turn, and it was absolutely incredible! Demons from Regina's past coming out of hte shadows to create an interesting season, as well as a brilliantly worked final sequence. Magic is back to Storybrooke1! What will that mean?

    Can't wait for th e second season! I never expected to enjoy OUaT this much, but it has been a brilliant show and I am dying for more!
  • Emma's Awakening

    Felt like we'd been holding a collective breath for this moment all season ... Emma's sense of reality completely usurped by Henry's demise before SHE finally "woke up".

    You'd be hard-pressed to be unmoved by Regina's loss and devastation over Henry's death & re-awakening (great performance) ... though it seems the battle lines are shaping up for some interesting times ahead: Charming & Snow, Emma, Henry vs Regina/Evil Queen - and of course the ever-present Mr Gold/Rumpelstiltskin wheeling & dealing in the shadows.

    Looking forward to what Season 2 unfolds as the other colourful characters of Storybrooke take their place ... can't wait!
  • Sets up nicely S2

    Now that was a finale: exciting, fast paced, lots of questions were answered while new ones appeared and it managed to set up nicely S2. As good as it was it was sort of predictable at times, it still was the best episode of the season. Makes you wish every episode would be like this one.

    - They're back! Maleficient, Belle, Graham and Jefferson FTW!

    - I was kind of disappointed and sad that they killed Maleficient. We hardly knew her yet she had so much potential left.

    - The battle with the dragon was really cool and it sort of reminded me of Enchanted.

    - I seriously cheered out loud when Emma became a believer, I mean it's about time. It took her 22 episodes though....

    - Quote of the week: " Well, it's storming like a bitch..."

    - Some highlights of the episode: Emma's battle with Maleficient, Rumple and Belle reunite, August's death and the purple smoke covering the town.

    - So what happens when you die in Storybrooke? Does that mean that you're also dead in the fairytale world?

    - August's transformation was so great and the special effects have really improved so much. I really hope he comes back as I liked his character.

    - By breaking the curse the show managed to resolve of its main issues, the storybrooke plots will finally be as interesting as its fairytale flashbacks.

    - Too much, too soon? I've gotta say I'm really worried about the show's future. One of the main issues I had with this show was that they had problems moving the story forward, therefore dragging everything so much. I understand that they have to stretch out things as much as possible due to the longevity aspect of the premise. Now, it's the complete opposite... did they move way too much the story? Considering they want the show to go on for a long time, I think that breaking the curse was a bit premature.... Now will probably face the same problem of them dragging out things and having issues with the story and how it advances.

    I liked this episode a lot, but I feel like it was a little rushed.

    And then some scenes were so obviously animated-the dragon, the purple fog that was magic

    And some scenes were very cliche- women weeping over henry's body before he came back to life.

    Also, I feel that bringing magic to Storybrooke would break an important rule of fairy tales: the primary world-earth-should be consistent, and since it was previously consistent with our current day and age, introducing magic would screw over that consistency.

    BUT, the ending was a nice example of the `happy catastrophe`- where something bad is accompanied by something good to keep the viewer happy.

    All in all, it was a touching episode.
  • 1.22 'A Land Without Magic'

    While not my favorite episode of this perfectly written and acted show - it was still a standout. It completely changes everything and sets the new tone to the show for #season 2.

    Regina and Emma must work together to bring Henry back to life, Madam Mayor confesses that the apple pie was meant for Sheriff Swan and she finally believes everything Henry's been saying and August told her recently, plus Gold also put some light on the recent events. Emma must destroy the Dragon (Maleficent in a different transformation) and only a true love's kiss can break the curse - just like Snow and Charming did it in Magic Land, now Emma kisses Henry and makes it happen. Regina tells him how much she loves him and runs away, she'd be powerless against these all of these creatures.

    Meanwhile Belle is out of the looney bin (thanks to Jefferson) and reunites with her long lost love - Mr. Gold / Rumplestilskin and he brings the magic back where it belongs - to Storybrooke. I cannot wait to see the new season this fall, that shall be interesting given the recent plot developments. 9,0/10
  • They had it...they freaking had it

    They had the little annoying terrible acting bastard dead....why....why couldn't they of just kept him dead

    and jesus christ is it just me or did they fire any and all GOOD writers/Directors for the last 2 episodes of this season....the dialog got so damn cheesy the acting got pitiful other than Mad Hatter and the Queen....dear god what a waste of 22 hours
  • Gee Golly Wiz

    What a finale indeed. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest rating, the finale was a 15. If that episode was a 4 hour movie, it would be great. I hope that they keep it going just the same in the next season. I can not get enough of "Once Upon A Time".

    This episode certainly deserves a perfect 10. It's INTENSE and JAW-DROPPING. It has drama, romance, action and most especially, lots of magic. What more can you wish for? However, I must say that it also has flaws. Now, let me give you my positive and negative insights towards this episode. Hope you'll like it. ;)

    1. POSITIVE: Good acting performances from the lead roles. (Clap, clap, clap!)

    NEGATIVE: I hope they do this in every episode to keep the hype. Looking forward for

    improvements in Season 2.

    2. POSITIVE: Wow! Emma defeated a dragon. :O

    NEGATIVE: Isn't it too fast for Emma to kill a vicious dragon? I guess so.. And why is it that

    the way Emma threw the sword towards the dragon's chest feels so unrealistic and

    scripted? Boo.

    3. POSITIVE: Emma saved Henry!!! Aww. Mother's LOVE. :")

    NEGATIVE: But I really felt sorry for Regina... :/

    4. POSITIVE: I love how August transformed into a wood. Amazing animation! ;)

    NEGATIVE: I hope he returns next season after the curse was reset. There are still a lot to

    know about him.

    5. POSITIVE: I LOVE seeing Belle again. And this time, she was freed. Of course, we'll see

    more of her the next season.


    6. POSITIVE: Yey! The curse was lifted. Credits to Emma! ;)

    NEGATIVE: But then again, the curse was reset. Bummer!

    7. POSTIVE: Season 1 really ended well. Kuddos to the OUAT Team! They ROCK! \m/

    NEGATIVE: I can't wait any longer for Season 2. I know you too feels the same. :(

    Plus, will Rumplestiltskin and Baelfire be reunited next season? Isn't it Rumple wanted the curse to happen in search for his son, Baelfire? Well, let's all find out next season. :)
  • A Magical Finale, Dearie

    A LOT of stuff happening in this! Wow, a seriously good episode here. Although, I think I'm more excited of what the finale has set up, rather than what it contained. Emma now believes, and broke the curse via true love's kiss (Kissing Henry on the forehead when we all believed him dead). Then of course, we have the NEW curse, unleashed by Mr Gold. I'm guessing that the new curse will take all the characters back to the enchanted forest, or leave them in Storybrooke but with Magic present again.

    Some things failed to strike me as hard as I imagined they would, Belle and Gold's reunion was lovely, though I imagined it would be a bit more spectacular. Henry's "death" also left me a bit indifferent. (Although, I had just watched the Series finale of Desperate Housewives so I was emotionally drained, I guess). I LOVED Emma taking Regina outside and giving her a good shoving, that's been coming a long time. I also loved all of the Rumplestiltskin scenes, I can't help but giggle every time he calls somebody "Dearie".

    All in all a superb finale, can't wait to see what they do with Season 2! I think the thing that excites me most was Regina's sinister smirk as she saw the curse approaching.

    Magic is coming to Storybrooke, and boy, does that Fabulously Devilish woman know it!
  • A Land Without Magic

    A Land Without Magic was a perfect and extremely entertaining episode of Once Upon a Time. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of stunning visual effects along with a great story, superb acting, and lots of character and plot development. It was great to see Maleficent again, in both human and dragon form. I liked how Emma played her part in every thing as well as the other characters. It was awesome when Emma saved Henry and the others began to remember the truth. There were a lot of emotions flying around along with different opinions about certain things. I liked how every thing played out. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The Pinacle

    The final episode of Once Upon a Time takes what, from the first episode and growing through the others, "could be a great series" and, through excellent implementation and building, MAKES it a great series. Whether or not future seasons come, Once Upon a Time is now on the map, in my book, as being the first to ever take the "fairytale" genre and make a sincere, dramatic, well acted, well written, and excellently implemented cinematic event from it. With at least two different fairytale movies on the horizon, ironically all centering on the exact same topic (Snow White), this show truly has beaten them to the punch by a mile. Movies are greatly limited by their time - the ability to connect us to the characters, to their world, and deepen it is only so much. After 22 episodes (that is approximately fourteen hours of screen time!), we have well and truly been drawn into this world, given a chance to get to know a very 'realistic' and yet still truly fantastic cast of characters, and then 're-watch' the scene from the beginning where it all began through new eyes. And yes, it was even better the second time around.

    We receive an emotional, heart-wrenching and dramatic performance from all the actors as things are all drawn together. What began as something I, and likely others, were initially sceptical about ended with me at the edge of my seat, not even pretending to be distanced from the action anymore. Once Upon a Time also does what most all of Disney's attempts before have failed at, and what most American attempts at media fail at: adding true depth to all characters, even the 'villains', until you find yourself sympathetic at times with all sides. When the villain's tears bring as much emotion as the heroes, something has been done right.

    Add to that a show that was able to, thanks to being by Disney, draw on a lot of small copyrighted references and material, and I believe I have just watched a masterpiece. I seriously doubt this show will not be continued, and it would be a mistake if it were not: however, it is my hope that if it is, the following season have as succinct and complete a conclusion. There is nothing worse than the network's habit of stringing out a show until it is sickly and cripple, and then stopping it incomplete. Better to have a planned and complete ending while it is still strong. With more financing and proven excellence, I truly hope that next season not only sends us more fantastic effects with magic present, but the same excellent writing and acting we have now come to expect. Well done and well played Disney you actually did learn from your mistakes and successes (such as Amy Adams heart-wrenching performance and how much more it gave an otherwise potentially silly plot). This is a show worth watching, and then re-watching!
  • Noooooooooo000000000000

    where is the rest of it
  • Perfect!

    There are not many shows that make you want to immediately rewatch the entire season from the beginning.

    A perfect transition into a second season that leaves one intrigued and excited. Well done in all respects. This episode was dramatic, touching, humorous, and exciting. The only negative thing is knowing you have to wait however many months for the next season.

    Without recapping the story, I will say that this episode brilliantly encapsulates the timeless themes of true love vs the lust for power. If Shakespeare were alive, he would watch Once Upon a Time.
  • Wow, now that was epic... [SPOILERS]

    What a great season finale. We start off with Prince Charming freeing himself by getting help from the huntsman (nice to see you again Jamie Dornan) and making a deal with Rumpelstilskin. He needs to hide the last drops of True Love inside of a beast.

    That beast is, of course, Maleficent (also nice to see you again Kristin Bauer). The CGI of the dragon wasn't spectacular but it was a great scene. He succeeds and finds Snow White. We go back to the scene from the Pilot episode where he kisses and wakes her up.

    Now to Storybrooke where things really and finally got exciting. After Henry ate the poison apple cake he gets taken to the hospital. Emma is desperate and when she touches the book she finally knows and believes that everything Henry told her was true. YAAAAAY!

    She attacks Regina but figures that she needs her to save Henry. So they go to Mr. Gold who gives her her father's sword. She looks for August to help her, but he is on the verge of turning back into the puppet he once was (and eventually does). She faces off with Maleficent which is great sequence, I thought it was so funny when she used her gun first.

    She defeats the beast (which hopefully doesn't mean Maleficent is dead) and gets tricked by Mr. Gold.

    Henry dies and Emma wakes him up with true love's kiss and the curse is finally broken.

    David, who was on the way to leave Storybrooke finally remembers with all the rest.

    Him and Snow reunite in a beautiful scene.

    Belle also comes back, as she is freed by Jefferson, and she finds Rumpel.

    But he has different plans, and brings magic to the real world. And when the magic comes, it fades to black...

    The episode was fantastic in most every regard, and the acting by Jennifer was fantastic. Especially when she thinks Henry's gone and gives him true love's kiss. A heartbreaking scene.

    Now with the ending, I'm really excited what's gonna happen next season. September can't come fast enough.
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