Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 22

A Land Without Magic

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 13, 2012 on ABC

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  • Wow, now that was epic... [SPOILERS]

    What a great season finale. We start off with Prince Charming freeing himself by getting help from the huntsman (nice to see you again Jamie Dornan) and making a deal with Rumpelstilskin. He needs to hide the last drops of True Love inside of a beast.

    That beast is, of course, Maleficent (also nice to see you again Kristin Bauer). The CGI of the dragon wasn't spectacular but it was a great scene. He succeeds and finds Snow White. We go back to the scene from the Pilot episode where he kisses and wakes her up.

    Now to Storybrooke where things really and finally got exciting. After Henry ate the poison apple cake he gets taken to the hospital. Emma is desperate and when she touches the book she finally knows and believes that everything Henry told her was true. YAAAAAY!

    She attacks Regina but figures that she needs her to save Henry. So they go to Mr. Gold who gives her her father's sword. She looks for August to help her, but he is on the verge of turning back into the puppet he once was (and eventually does). She faces off with Maleficent which is great sequence, I thought it was so funny when she used her gun first.

    She defeats the beast (which hopefully doesn't mean Maleficent is dead) and gets tricked by Mr. Gold.

    Henry dies and Emma wakes him up with true love's kiss and the curse is finally broken.

    David, who was on the way to leave Storybrooke finally remembers with all the rest.

    Him and Snow reunite in a beautiful scene.

    Belle also comes back, as she is freed by Jefferson, and she finds Rumpel.

    But he has different plans, and brings magic to the real world. And when the magic comes, it fades to black...

    The episode was fantastic in most every regard, and the acting by Jennifer was fantastic. Especially when she thinks Henry's gone and gives him true love's kiss. A heartbreaking scene.

    Now with the ending, I'm really excited what's gonna happen next season. September can't come fast enough.