Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 21

An Apple Red as Blood

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 06, 2012 on ABC

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  • 1.21 'An Apple Red as Blood'

    This was another amazing episode of Once. Kept me on the edge of my seat. That intro seemed so real and I felt terribly sorry for Regina because deep down I know she's not that bad of a person and tried to love Henry, he's the one that pushed her away. But she comes up with a plan while Henry tries to convince Emma to break the spell. But she still doesn't listen. Regina got herself a special apple (with a little help of her friend and some leftover magic) and baked a something special for Emma. But before Emma leaves Storybrooke (she wanted to leave Henry with Regina, she thought it'd be only for the best) she says goodbye to her little son and he is so desperate that he eats a piece of the poisonex cake just to prove a point and the episode ends with Emma being stunned and Henry lying on the floor ... looking very dead. 9.0/10
  • Juicy Episode!

    Boy things are really starting to come to a head here! Naturally I love the Gold/Regina exchanges--- especially getting to hear Robert Carlyle drop the "fertilizer" blast. Writing is so witty and crisp! And Lana Parilla sure does play the smug look perfectly.

    I wasn't sure I was going to appreciate the use of magic in Storeybrooke, since it is the "land with no magic" however it worked fine. So, Regina had to go retrieve it ... ok no problem.

    This episode left us hanging on our seats. The only thing I would have to say I did not like was the attack of the fairies. Not only was it kind of silly in plot, it looked ridiculous from a cinematographic sense... it looked like a cartoon.

    All in all, tho, it was a good one that leaves me excited for the finale.
  • OMG! What a cliffhanger!

    I can't believe what just happened! This episode is up there with the best, and it certainly has the most unbelievable cliffhanger so far! The storyline in the fairytale worls was interesting - albeit admittedly predictable - while the storyline in the current real world was phenomenal as well, with a brilliant cliffhanger!

    What will happen next? I can't wait to find out! Luckily, the finale is on tomorrow night here, so it won't be too long a wait, but OUaT is quickly turning into onceof my favourite shows! Keep it up!
  • A few answers, 100 more questions

    I loved this episode, but mostly just because I love Lana Parrilla and Sebastian Stan. The show has been very off balance lately, although it's still the most amazing thing on television.

    The good:

    -Regina is clearly developing a conscience. The dream sequence was a little over the top, but it was a good set-up for her desperation throughout the episode (her negotiating with Gold, contacting Jefferson, trying to poison Emma). Also, I love that she was willing to sacrifice her ring to get the apple. Sets her up for a big decision in the finale: is she willing to sacrifice Henry for the curse? So far no price has been too high for her. Will the curse finally cost more than she's willing to pay? Excellent character development here, and I have high hopes for the finale. I hope they don't give her a complete redemption (too fast, too out of character) but I'd like to see her take a step in the right direction.

    -We finally understand why Regina didn't just kill Emma ages ago: her death would break the curse.

    -We know why the queen put Snow under the sleeping curse instead of killing her: to make her relive all of her regrets for 'eternity'. That kind of suffering would certainly satisfy the queen. Bravo writers, very plausible.

    -Emma is finally getting some depth back to her character. Morrison's performance in the last scene was amazing. I loved seeing her with Henry, and loved that she is finally seeing clearly the damage her feud with Regina is doing to Henry.

    -Mary Margaret scolding her troubled daughter. Priceless. Snow White, much?

    The bad:

    -Not enough Gold XD

    -WHYWHYWHY would Jefferson strike a deal with Regina? After all he's been through?! And what the heck happened to him after 'Hat Trick'? Did he just pop back into SB of his own accord? Plausible, but feels like the writers dropped the ball a bit here.

    -The hat let Jefferson travel BACK IN TIME?! WHAT?! This might be an interesting mystery for season 2, but unless this is vital to the season finale (which it could still be, so I'll withhold my judgement) it's just making the episode too busy.

    -Emma just stands by screaming Henry's name when he collapses? Um, ok...

    -So many questions (too many to even list here). We better get some answers in the finale, because I feel like nothing has actually HAPPENED since episode 2.

    Overall, an entertaining episode, but I really hope everything pays off in the finale.
  • A clear set-up for the finale.

    I'm not going to lie... I was not a fan of the last two episodes. I really thought the show was so uneven now and it was kind of losing me. While I do admit this episode was sort of meh, it did have some interesting developments and it managed to set up everything nicely for next week season finale.

    - Okay so the start of the episode was kind of weak. I just knew it was a dream and seriously enough with dream thing to start an episode. It always just ends up being cheesy and filler with no point whatsoever. The acting in this scene was so bad and cheesy... it did remind of the kill the beast speech in Beauty and the Beast though.

    - Even though sometimes the material is sort of a mixed bag, Lana Parilla completely owns it. She's such a great actress, I loved her scenes in the stable and the conversation with Snow. I wish the Snow/Regina conversation about Daniel was longer though. There is a lot more that could have been in the scene.

    - Regina and Snow were perfect, Emma and Henry were pretty annoying though. Mostly, a lot of really dull parts, with Charming and whole fairy silliness. But any scenes with Regina, Gold, Red or Snow really sparkled.

    -My favorite part was Mary acting all motherly towards Emma! That was awesome. It was cool to see Mary Margaret being so assertive! I like how it paralleled the return of badass Snow back in the fairy tale world, too.

    - I felt really bad for August, I hope he doesn't die.

    - Jefferson is back! That being said, I thought he went through that hat Emma made?

    - The fairytale plot was predictable. I actually disliked the idea of a parley between Snow and Regina. It seemed so anti-climactic, and Snow's decision was SO quick. I don't know, I guess I expected something more emotional.

    - Everyone has been acting more and more like their FTL counterparts. David seems to be more assured and more confident, MM is way more tense and stronger figure overall.

    - Snow told Charming when they first met that she ruined the Regina's life. I assumed that meant she knew about Daniel, but obviously she didn't until the events of this episode. So what did she think Regina was so angry about before this?

    - Plot hole or what? In the pilot, Snow said "She poisoned an apple because she thought I was prettier than her",which clearly isn't true? Is there more to it?

    -Who bakes something and gives the whole thing away to an unannounced visitor? Emma should have found it suspicious that Regina would give her the whole thing and not try to cut it in half or something.

    - The apple turnover looked delicious.

    - My predictions of the finale:

    + Someone will die, probably August or Henry. I don't think they have the balls to kill Henry, though.

    + Emma will kiss Henry and he will wake up, thus making her believe.

    + Mary Margaret and David will remember who they are and get back together. This is how I picture the scene: David sees Mary and yells "Snow", she yells "Charming" and they run towards each other and kiss.

    + Maleficent and Belle return.
  • Just Another Day

    I totally enjoyed this episose. Sure the dream sequence may have been cheesy, but that is what it's suppose to be. Regina's world is collasping around her and she knows it.

    Watching Snow being her kick-ass self is always worthwhile. Also having MM going all motherly on Emma was fun to watch.

    Having Charming as a mirror image and then switching to Regina reminded me of The Wizard of Oz. Regina's comment about "wiping her tounge mark off of her mirror" made me chuckle.

    In the first episode - Charming wakes Snow with "True-Love's kiss" . I wonder if a "Mother's Love Kiss" would have the same effect???
  • An Apple Red as Blood

    An Apple Red as Blood was a perfect and amazingly entertaining episode of Once Upon a Time and I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome and kept me on the edge of my seat. There was a lot of significant character and plot development as Regina realized Henry was missing and she wanted to rearrange The Curse to suit her current needs. I liked the way every thing played out but more importantly how the story kept me on my toes not knowing what would happen next. It seemed as if anything could have happened but what did happen was pretty mild compared to my thoughts. I liked how everything played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
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