Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 22

And Straight on 'Til Morning

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 12, 2013 on ABC

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  • LOST dejavu

    Another ending were a kid is kiddnaped and needed for some reason.

    Let's hope the make use of that storyline, and use some flashforward scenes on season 3.
  • And Straight on 'Til Morning

    And Straight on 'Til Morning was a perfect season finale episode of Once Upon a Time. I was very entertained because the writers are geniuses and really brought everything together. I couldn't believe Gold would go that far in the beginning. Just as unlikely was Regina's willingness to help save everyone. Hook and Bae's past is revealed in more detail. Hook makes multiple choices leading to interesting circumstances. Beauty and the Beast were reunited and it was emotionally powerful. I couldn't believe what Greg and Tamara did until the ending which brought various story lines together in a fantastical way. The past paralleled the present perfectly. It seems there is much more to the Peter Pan story. I'm hooked and can't wait for the next season!!!!!!!!!
  • Perfect, Perfect, Perfect

    It was so amazing the way they culminate this season, the developments were so damn perfect i love every single second of it Storybrooke and Neverland plots were fantastic I was yelling the hole time and it really make me cry when Emma finally say MOM and DAD!!!!! I wait a year to hear those words!!!!!

    Captain Hook being fatherly around Bae was so cute and finally saw the good in Regina being a hero sacrificing fo everyone was so good. But it was shocking when they take Henry to Neverland and it was creepy that the lost boys have a picture of Henry centuries before he was even born. I dont know if i can wait all this time to see what is going to happen OMG!!!!!! THE FAMILY IS GOING TO NEVERLAND!!!!!!!

  • Mediocre finale

    The episode was sort of a mixed bag for me. My problem with the finale was the fact that it was kind of boring, predictable and just rushed. That being said, it made me finally realize that the creators clearly don't know what they're doing and that they're making things up as they go along. My biggest issue with the episode was the use of magic. I mean, I know that it's a show about magic and everything but it really does seem it's the solution to everything. Where's the emotional stakes? The storytelling? What's the point of everything, like death or a a you can simply solve everything with magic. I don't know but it just seems they use as a tool or an excuse for everything. It just always comes to all the plotlines building up to a climax of someone using magic and saving the day. The writers don't build any conflict, they just simply create for the sake of drama. What was the whole point of the prophecy thing or Belle's amnesia? Basically that magic solves everything. The whole thing was so rushed and clumsy that it didn't make any sense. Don't even get me started on the whole Tamara and Greg nonsense that we will have to endure yet another season. I laughed at Tamara's "We believe in the sacredness of our cause" line because not long after they were activating a magical crystal to magically destroy Storybrooke, and then using a magical jellybean to escape to a land presumably full of, yep, more magic. ALL THE MAGIC. As I said before, the writers are so lazy and complacent with this show that whenever a problematic plot development needs clearing up, it's just swooshed away with a flick of the hand and some funky blue smoke.

    "Hey guys, the Storybrooke gang is heading to Neverland next season so somebody needs to stay behind to guard the town, and Belle would be a good candidate but she's Lacey right now. Hmm"

    "Not to worry" *enter convenient magical potion* "And she's Belle again!"

    And let's not even comment on the absurd, utterly anticlimactic conclusion to the failsafe, which was, in itself, a convenient plot device fuelled by magic. So many plotholes...

    -It's the second time the writers delight us with the prospect of Henry's imminent death and then decide to take it from us. So frustrating. The last thing this show needs is to give Henry even more importance in the story, and maybe the fact that he's been snatched by Greg and Tamara and swept away to Neverland means that we won't see very much of him next season

    - Tamara and Greg just suck as I miss Cora.

    - They should have just destroyed Storybrook, what a wasted opportunity. Imagine all the possibilities.

  • Spectacular!

    This was an amazing culmination to Season 2 with some unbelievable developments rapidly unfolding in the last few minutes that have sent everything for a spin!

    Looks like Neverland will be the setting for the beginning of Season 3! And I absolutely can't believe a few old faces from the past have reappeared too! Aurora!

    I don't know what else to say! The episode was just perfect! I didn't expect it to play out the way it did, but now it seems that the whole unconventional family is reunited with a common goal for once! Very entertaining!

    The next three or four months of waiting will be near unbearable for me!
  • The only bad side to this episode? Belle and Gold.

    If they didnt feature Belle and Gold, this episode would be one of the best episodes OAUT's offered us yet. They're only annoying no, not romantic in the very least, wrong, just so WRONG. But aside from that?

    What an awesome pace. What a brilliant way to end and tease season 3. . PETER PAN YA'LL!!
  • One of the Best Episodes and a Great Conclusion to Season 2!

    While I stil have uncertainties about the very end , it was one of the season's best episodes. It was extremely touching and heartwarming to see Henry tell Regina that he loves her, too. Despite hiding Fairy Tale Land's residents' true identities from them (and making Henry look over-imaginative or crazy), she still loved Henry and raised him as his mother. Him showing his adoptive mother sincere love was just what Regna needed, and Emma helping Regina save the town was a phenomenal moment. I think the writers must be reading the Regina-Emma comments from the reviews, or they had it planned from the beginning. Either way, I'm happy we've finally moved past the Regina vs. all scenario. It worked to a point, but the season finale more than made up for the weaker moments of the weaker episodes this season. There was a lot of interesting father-son themes, including a different side of Hook. I don't think Regina is still the "villain" of the series any more, and the series is moving in some great directions! I'll be buying this second season on blu ray after all!
  • Straight- no chaser

    Fast-paced, good story; real angst on the part of young Bae (the kid's so much more likeable than his elder self). Introducing a new "big bad" character, at least by implication; tying up a few plotlines (even if they're severed again almost immediately, the connections were made) and sending everyone on a new quest is a hell of a cliffhanger. I'd love to be crew on that boat right now, just to see the cabin arrangements...

    Please note that I am putting in no spoilers, for the benefit of those who want to theorize and rewatch. Our viewing group has agreed to rewatch everything over the summer, to see if we can predict where they're going from here.

    Can you believe there are going to be 2 shows to follow this fall? Hope the crossovers will clarify rather than muddying the waters! But I do want to see Jefferson again.