Once Upon a Time

Season 2 Episode 7

Child of the Moon

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2012 on ABC

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  • Excuse me

    Howcan I open the episode ??

  • Awwww

    I overall liked this episode, but i kinda wish that there had been a confrontation between Granny and Red about her lying. But still satisfying :)
  • dont get me wrong i enjoyed this episode

    i like red in all but this wasn't my favorite episdoe i just wish that they could move forward to the plot where charming is going to try to get emma and snow back to storybrooke and the curse. next episode looks really really good i'm really looking forward to that episode it kills me to have to wait 2 weeks for it
  • Child of the Moon

    Child of the Moon was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Once Upon a Time. I really enjoyed the story lines, the character development and the action. There was suspense and intrigue, plotting and revenge and many other emotions. The writers did a great job in crafting the episode while the actors really brought it together. Charming stayed true to his name and it seems he is following the classical hero's quest along with Emma and Snow. Ruby had tons of development and I enjoyed learning more about her back story. It was awesome to see more wolves. I liked how every thing played out and the ending was full of surprises. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • wolfiewolf

    I like this episode but Red's acting is kinda bad... Beauty the same. Red's really pretty tho. Liked her kinda being all slutty when she didn't have her memory, that was more interesting than how she is now :))

    Oh and when Billy said he was a mouse, I really thought he was gonna say his name was 'Mickey'. That would make the Disney-circle complete.
  • Incredible episode as usual!

    This was another phenomenal episode, and I have been really hoping for a Ruby-centered episode for a long time, because the story about Ruby was one of the best episodes from Season 1, and I have been craving a continuation of that!

    There were many interesting moments - both in the past and present - King George makes an appearance too, which is something I've been anticipating since we spotted him a few episodes ago at the end. I really really hate his character, especially after the events of today.

    Once again - Regina, Snow, Emma and Gold all barely got one scene - I don't really mind, just as long as things like that don't happen in back to back episodes, so I hope the next episode is centered around one or more of the main cast.

    Nonetheless, this was a perfect episode! And I can't wait for the next one, especially since it is a fortnight away! :(
  • Great episode about Ruby but Rumpy and Henry moment was the best!

    This was a great episode of Once but not the best. I like Ruby but sometimes I feel the actress tries too hard on the crying scenes. Other than that she was good. I still want to see more interaction between Ruby and Rumpy. I feel like there could be a story there if not in the past then here in Storybrooke. What if Ruby's Peter from Peter and the Wolf was the same as Peter Pan? It doesn't go along with Bae being Peter Pan because of the time lines but if he somehow was Peter Pan and Ruby killed him (Bae/Peter Pan) then that would be an interesting confrontation between Ruby and Rumpy in Storybrooke. Of course now that Ruby is in Storybrooke the writers had to introduce the "control the wolf" scenario. Guess they don't want a wild wolf running loose in town. Lets have her running loose in the forest so a hunter can shoot her. Rumpy, Regina, and Henry moment trying to figure out why Henry has a burn on his hand after his strange dream was a cute scene. I like how it is portrayed. Wasn't it just lovely watching how Rumpy handled the situation with Henry. He turned all his malice onto Regina but care and concern (well as far as Rumpy is willing to show of course) was projected completely onto Henry. Regina's concern when Rumpy gives Henry a charm to control his dreams that everything comes with a price was very telling. If this was the Queen he was dealing with dire consequences but since we are dealing with Henry Rumpy takes a softer approach and actually gives him the charm with no strings attached. Well, he said "this one's on me". Hmm. I love how he treats Henry. Maybe he reminds him of his own son Bae (that could be a reason for that if a certain fellow turns out to be Bae) but I'm not sure about the "price" thing. Does that mean Rumpy will take the heat or problems that come along with this charm? Does it mean anything? Will this charm come with a price for Henry no matter what and it is totally out of Rumpy's control? Hardly anything is out of his control but remember the borderline! That was a surprise by Rumpy so anything could or could not happen! Love that Henry tried to calm Aurora down in his dream and unknowingly reached out to Snow and Emma through her! It this a possible way home or just a freaky walkie talkie? Will have to wait and see.