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The Evil Queen & Robin Hood have it, Emma and Hook certainly have it, and Belle & Rumpelstiltskin have the own fanvid(s), so I chose the best 5 I could find about the brand new Mrs. Beast and husband.

5) Breathe Again, by MrMarychovnyville
Unlike many fanvids, it focusses on Belle's dimension as stepmother and lifepartner, and how the different aspects of Rumpelstiltskin's life - his son, his father, Selina - have affected her one way or another.

4) You made me Stronger by Lalla23
Classic Beauy & The Beast editing at the tune of a "Love the way you lie" cover, the Beauty breaks 'the curse' from a different angle as she makes the Beast stronger to confront his father. (Bonus points for it features the original Robin Hood & Marion in a blink and you miss them scene)

3) Say Something by TheSerialLover
If only to show they also have a Say Something fanvid, this focusses on the on-again, off-again aspect of their relationship, which makes them the most interesting stedy couple on the show.

2) Far away by mywickedlovely
Set mostly from Rumpelstiltskin perspective, it focusses on the stormy aspect of the relationship between a Beast and what ultimately became his Mrs.

1) Rumpel & Belle Wedding by SKromerylove
Set at the tune of "Poison & Wine", entwine their wedding vows with the many reasons why the Beauty married the Beast.

So, there you have it, the greastest 5 I've found. Which one is your favorite? Can you find an even greatest one? Hit the poll or the comments below!


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