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It's that time of year, hiatus has come and fanvids arise to honor the scenes of each and every pairing available. In this instalment, the best I found of Robin Hood and Regina (Outlaw Queen)

5) Enchanted
Set mostly on the second part of season 3, it focusses on both the first times they ever met.

4) The Only Exception
Title says it all, looking through the eyes of the only child of a loveless marriage to the only exception made with the father of an only chid from a loving marriage.

3) Say Something

Yes, they have their very own Say Something vid too.

2) Give Me Love

Mostly from Robin Hood's perspective, it focusses on his side of the relationship rather than hers.

1) Uptown Girl

Also from Robin Hood's perspective. Perhaps its not as good as the rest, but we don't have too many of these.

Bonus vid: A thousand years
Just because of the "they are doomed (by Marion)" factor doesn't mean its all lost, so happy thoughts...

There you have it, the greatest 5 I found. Which is your favorite? Can you find another one? Which perspective you like best? Can you see them as OTP (one true pairing) or are you just grateful for the memories? Hit the comments and vote the poll.


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