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Um, exactly how many timelines are we going to have to keep track of on this show this half season? From my count,

1. The year or other undetermined length of time with the majority of characters in FTL trying to figure out what to do and the Wicked Witch.

2. Their unexplained return to Storybrooke where it appears the Wicked Witch is pulling a Regina and for some reason Hook realizes who she is, or we follow that story for awhile for them to figure it out.

3. Emma's story in New York which is taking place after timelines 1 and 2.

How long are these going to go on for? I mean, I can see timeline one pretty much being wrapped up in an episode or two. But then we are seeing Emma and Hook then the Storybrooke return and however long it takes them to figure out they are being messed with again. And then it seems Neal and Belle are going to be on another different journey, so that is a fourth storyline we will be regularly checking in on.

What I am saying, is as much good will as the last stretch of episodes gathered, I fear we are going to be on a very convoluted journey just to get to a reunion you just know will take longer than we want it to (because come on, while Regina changed basically one decision, Emma is probably just less likely to punch Hook and put him in handcuffs but she is supposed to be the skeptic).
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