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I'm going to have a good stab at Pan's origins.

One of the most important things to remember is when Tinkerbell was told it was her "second chance", implying she messed up before. A lot of people think Pan might have been the time she had previously messed up, explaining why she'd have reason to end up back in Neverland(timeline wise, I think she'd already met Peter due to it being not long before the curse, but I'm not sure). I think this could be it too, but I have more to add onto it.

Another theory I've seen is that the Blue Fairy opposed Nova and Dreamy/Grumpy's love because of some horror that had happened in the past as a result of this type of relationship. Many have speculated that Pan might be some sort of Fairy/Human Hybrid, a reference to the fact that he looks elf-like in many depictions.

Another component I want to add to the mix is that there was a casting call for a one "Violet". Some assumed it to be Tinkerbell from the description, but there is nothing violet about her and I don't believe it matches the description that well. It says she was to become a recurring character in episode 3x03. However, I think that it's possible her scene was removed for reasons I'll get onto later.

Some people have theorised that the Sleeping Beauty Fairies may be represented by Tinkerbell and the Blue Fairy - as they are Green and Blue, so we're lacking a Red Fairy, but this isn't relevant right now. What's important to remember is the fourth Fairy, Maleficent/Carabosse. In the original tale, she was described as a Wicked Fairy. One of the things that got in the way of this theory was the lack of wings or well, general Fairyness, but we've seen how fairy magic can be taken away from people. By doing this, they can have their wicked Fairy, but also their wicked witch as she would have had to relearn magic.

I think there was a purpose to showing us Maleficent's castle in the last episode of Wonderland, to show she collects all kinds of magical artefacts and has deeper connections than we first realised. Likely, the Dragon transformation is an artefact of how she got her powers back.

Here's what I think happened. At some point, Aurora's mother is born. Maleficent curses her due to being excluded from the party. New Recruit Tinkerbell, The Blue Fairy and the Red Fairy eventually manages to reverse the curse and forgives Maleficent(her own "first chance"), but Aurora Sr. sleeps for 100 years.

Eventually Tinkerbell ends up being friends with Maleficent. Much like with Regina - she takes pity on her, and wants to fix her problems with Twu Luv. Against the Blue Fairy's suggestion, she finds that Maleficent's true love is a human and tries to set the two of them up. Unfortunately, the True Love is Rumple's father, Colin, who just lost his wife(much like how Regina lost her love). Colin ends up running away with her. Going against all reasonable expectations, they end up having a child, a half-breed. Colin, being a coward, ends up running out on Maleficent, leaving her to care for the child on her own.

At this point the Blue Fairy finds out about this and is livid. Maleficent convinces her she's changed, and she's a mother now, but the Blue Fairy detects an evil Shadow within the child and strips Maleficent of her wings for bringing such a creature into the world. She punishes Tinkerbell by sending her to care for the child in Neverland, where he will be of no danger to anyone. Maleficent becomes an old crone in her castle with only her pet Unicorn for company - her lamenting loneliness in the first episode makes all the more sense in this context, plus their connection with Tinkerbell, as she had a hand in creating both the big witches(a bit like she messes stuff up in the Tinkerbell movies). At some point, she collects artefacts like the Looking Glass that allow her to see her Son. Pan eventually finds a way to sneak off Neverland, and ends up meeting Rumple at some point in the past(seeking out his family), then again with Baelfire.

This takes us up to the 1900s or so when Peter Pan occurs, then Tinkerbell being stripped of her wings for *beep* up again, then Maleficent's revenge(not how they haven't actually *done* Sleeping Beauty yet despite it being such a huge thing - there must be a reason for this) then the rest of the stuff.

I think it all ties together nicely. What do you guys think? It explains where Pan gets his dark powers from(from a Dark Fairy) amongst other things, and the Blue Fairy's reasons for being such *beep*(though I still to think she's masterminding things regardless!)
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