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Jan 07, 2016
Good shows to watch during OUAT hiatus?
What are you guys watching during OUaT hiatus?
I've been binging 'Lost Girl', and want to check out 'Shannara'.
Any other suggestions from like-minded OUaT fans?
Jul 22, 2015
Once upon a time
I really like once upon a time but I really do hate and Zelena otherwise I really like Captain Hook Emma and the evil queen I don't know but I'm really against Snow White and charming I really hate them and who else Belle hate her Henry he acts as if he knows everything Chora hate her as well and do hate Neil cassidy he's ugly but when he was younger I liked him than otherwise I really love the plot of this show and hope as if it should be never Finish cause The dayI watched the first episode I started to love the episodes but do hope good luck to the characters and hope they do a well performance and hope season 5 comes out quickly
Mar 31, 2015
Gold's plan
I had a horrible thought because someone was discussing Gold's fairly nonsensical speech to unconscious Belle. I think I know what his plan is. And despite my yelling about free will and that the Emma we have gotten to know wouldn't turn dark, this might work.

Gold makes his presence known to the heroes and basically tells them they will do what he wants and they will have no choice.

Gold does something especially dastardly and then puts himself in a situation where its either him or his hostage (or whatever) and that Emma is the only one to stop him.

Before the confrontation, Gold disguises the blade. Maybe making it as simple as David's sword or something. Its the only weapon available to Emma because, I don't know, he did something to make her magic not work and filled the place with gas so she ...Read more
Mar 15, 2015
Vote For the Character You Miss The Most On OUaT! (Poll)
Pinocchio's latest appearance made me all the more aware that I miss August, his older self. The Nave how much I do not miss Once Upon a Time in Wonderland how much I miss Robon Hood and Maleficent how much I miss every single villain that, much like her, left a mark, so: Which one you want to see again? Which one you wish would never come back? Which is the character you miss the most on Once Upon a Time?


Jan 04, 2015
Vote For The Greatest Villain of Once Upon a Time!
A great antagonist is the primary focus of any storyline, his actions instigate the conflict and move forward the plot, so a good show must have a well-written villain its audience grow to respect, if only because a hero is only as good as the foe he's up against.

Disney villains are easily spotted because they wear black, can't sing and have no love life. Some of them are loud, have nasty skin and have no love life. They are disciplined leaders, proficient with magic and have no love life. Bottom line: anyone with no love life is a villain.

Once Upon a Time was firmly built upon this premise:
  • Rumplestiltskin was dumped by his wife ( who left him and their newborn son to run away with a sexy pirate).
  • Regina saw the love of her life being murdered, so that her mother could marry her off to ...
Read more
Sep 28, 2014
The Love Triangles of Once Upon a Time
Long before The Wicked Witch of The West got between Beauty and The Beast or Lady Marion ruined Robin Hood's chances to ever become a Prince Consort, love triangles were promptly used to delay the characters's quest for true love with varying degrees of success, which I thought would be interesting to review now a new season is starting.

5) Dr. Whale- Dr. Frankenstein/Mary Margareth-Snow White/Coma patient-Prince Charming
As weird as it must be to have Dr. Frankenstein for ob-gyn, it must be even weirder for Charming to witness the man Snow White had a fling with deliver his son. To be completely fair, not only Victor was a thoughtful lover but he really had an eye for Ruby, so he would've never dated Mary Margareth should Little Red Riding Hood would've gone out with him.

In any case, Prince Neil's birth ...Read more
Jun 07, 2014
Greatest Belle and Rumpelstiltskin Fanvid!
The Evil Queen & Robin Hood have it, Emma and Hook certainly have it, and Belle & Rumpelstiltskin have the own fanvid(s), so I chose the best 5 I could find about the brand new Mrs. Beast and husband.

5) Breathe Again, by MrMarychovnyville
Unlike many fanvids, it focusses on Belle ...Read more
Jun 02, 2014
Greatest Evil Queen & Robin Hood Fanvid!
It's that time of year, hiatus has come and fanvids arise to honor the scenes of each and every pairing available. In this instalment, the best I found of Robin Hood and Regina (Outlaw Queen)

5) Enchanted
Set mostly on the second part of season 3, it focusses on ...Read more
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Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, writers of Lost, have created a modern take on fairy tales with a female lead character, Emma Swan, who has moved to Maine. The show revolves around the adaptation of fairytale characters such as Snow White and Prince Charming who have been brought into the real world with no knowledge of their true identities, due to the Evil Queen, who cast an evil spell on the entire land.