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the crazy continues
7 hours ago
Once Upon a Time: What Did You Think of "Best Laid Plans"?
Can someone explain to me why Maleficent dresses like it's the 1940s?
the wooden nose knows
Mar 23, 2015
Once Upon a Time "Poor Unfortunate Soul" Review: Tentacle Scorn
I’m sort of peeved that Ursula’s storyline is already resolved.
yassss queens
Mar 16, 2015
Once Upon a Time "Enter the Dragon" Review: Enter the Girl Gang
Who at Once Upon a Time has been reading my dream diary?!
bombshells abound
Mar 09, 2015
Once Upon a Time "Unforgiven" Review: Feeling Rattled
My goodness, what is Once Upon a Time DOING?!? WHAT IS OUAT PLAYING AT?!?
Mar 02, 2015
Crazy Fan Theory - How Henry Might Be The Author
This is something I have been contemplating for a while, and it's a bit convoluted (read: perfectly acceptable in the constrains of the OUaT-verse), but here's what I'm thinking:

So...WHAT IF "the author" was someone who believed in these stories so much that they became real? It doesn't get more fairy tale/Disney than "you've got to believe!", right? So what if the original author was a mortal from our world who wrote and/or collected these various stories and believed in them so much that they became real? Further, what if the author was able to do this not because they had magic powers, but because he/she possessed "the heart of the truest believer"? I mean, in the context of this universe, it really makes a lot of sense.

Now, let's build off of that. So the author is human, which ...Read more
here we go again!
Feb 27, 2015
WTF Upon a Time: A Brief Once Upon a Time Refresher to Prepare You for the Show's Return
Here's where the fall finale left each of our characters.
lettin' it go
Dec 15, 2014
Once Upon a Time Season 4 Fall Finale Review: Like a Dagger Through the Heart
"Heroes and Villains" tied up the first half of Season 4 without a single cloud of purple smoke, and for that we can all be grateful.
Dec 14, 2014
Little John? Nooooo!
Little John? Noooo!
convenient to the point of farce
Dec 08, 2014
Once Upon a Time "Shattered Sight" Review: Crazy Then, Crazy Now
I think we're all ready for the Frozen storyline to end.
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Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, writers of Lost, have created a modern take on fairy tales with a female lead character, Emma Swan, who has moved to Maine. The show revolves around the adaptation of fairytale characters such as Snow White and Prince Charming who have been brought into the real world with no knowledge of their true identities, due to the Evil Queen, who cast an evil spell on the entire land.