Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2012 on ABC

Episode Recap

The Blue Fairy is in the clouds when her fellow fairy Nova arrives carrying a bag of year's supply of fairy dust. Nova admits that she's disappointed that she isn't a fairy god mother yet and may not be one for quite a while. The Blue Fairy dismisses her as a dreamer and tells her that her journey is just beginning. Nova says that she'll be able to make it home from the mines with the fairy dust and the two creatures leave, trailing some of the dust behind them. The dust drifts down into the mines and touches one large dwarf egg among hundreds of others. One of the dwarves, Watchy, notices that it's ready to hatch despite his fellow dwarf Bossy pointing out that it isn't time. The dwarf within, the future Grumpy, breaks out and Watchy and Bossy welcome him to the world.


Mr. Clark and Walter go to the diner for breakfast and ask Leroy to move over so they can sit together. He refuses and tells them to get up earlier, but Mr. Clark sneezes on Leroy's breakfast and he disgustedly gets up to leave. Mary Margaret comes in and tells everyone, including Emma, that Miners Day is upon them and the nuns of Storybrooke are hoping that everyone will help sell their candles. They need a few volunteers to work with Mary Margaret, but everyone ignores her given her recent reputation for wrecking David and Kathryn's marriage. Leroy tries to go out the door and Mary Margaret suggests that he might help, but he points out that she's the town harlot and he's the town drunk. Leroy is happy to point out that the only people like less than him is Mary Margaret.

As a despondent Mary Margaret leaves, Emma goes after her friend and asks what Miners Day is. Mary Margaret explains that it's an annual holiday celebrating the old tradition. The nuns would trade candles for coal from the miners. All of her volunteers have dropped out and many of them told her it was because she's a homewrecker. Emma tells her that it will blow over and she doesn't have to do charity to win their hearts back, but Mary Margaret doesn't know what else to do. Emma gets a call to a crime scene and assures Mary Margaret that she'll do anything she can to help.

As Leroy goes past the Miners Day booth, some confetti falls on him. The woman responsible, Sister Astrid (Nova in the fairytale world), apologizes, but Leroy smiles and says that it's not a problem. Leroy offers to look at the lights for her and warns that she was close to overloading the transformer. Astrid thanks him for his help as he gets the lights back on. When he explains that he's a custodian, Astrid reluctantly congratulates him and Leroy admits that he always dreamed of being a sailor, fixing up a boat, and leaving Storybrooke forever. She sympathizes and says that someone once told her that anyone can do anything that they dream of, and tells Leroy that he can do whatever he wants to. Astrid goes back to work and Leroy smiles.

Emma examines Kathryn's abandoned car and Sydney comes over to report on the story. The sheriff reports that the gym teacher found it empty with the engine running. When Sydney learns that it's Kathryn's car, he figures that he can use the story to get his job back. Emma notes that Kathryn decided to go to law school in Boston, but discovers that Kathryn's suitcase is still in the trunk. She prepares to check the phone records of Kathryn's calls and Sydney offers to use his contacts in the phone company to get them sooner. David pulls up and Sydney wonders if he really doesn't know if his wife has disappeared.


The dwarves clean their newly born brethren, and the new dwarf says that he saw a beautiful woman and wonders where she is. Bossy assumes that he's dreaming and says that there are no female dwarves and dwarves don't have children or fall in love. All that dwarves do is mine diamonds and crush them into fairy dust to bring joy to the world. The new dwarf has seven brothers and each one is given an axe. Their names magically appear on them, and the new dwarf takes his and discovers that his name is "Dreamy." Bossy assures him that the axe never lies, and they head out on their new job, whistling.


Leroy stops by the school and asks Mary Margaret to volunteer. She points out that he made it clear he doesn't want to, but he says that someone showed him the light and it doesn't matter because she needs volunteer. Mary Margaret agrees but makes him promise not to drink or swear. Leroy listens in as Astrid reports to the Mother Superior (the Blue Fairy in the fairytale world) that she bought too much helium and can't get a refund. The Mother Superior warns Sister Astrid that they need the money and tells her to fix it. Leroy comes over and Astrid explains that she overspent on their limited stipend and now they can't pay their rent. The rent is due next week and their only income is the candles. They need to sell a thousand candles to meet their rent, and last year they only sold forty-two. Their landlord is Mr. Gold and he won't offer them a break. Leroy vows that they won't have to leave. Mary Margaret listens in as Leroy promises to sell all of the candles and Astrid says that he's her hero.

Using her ability, Emma realizes that David knows nothing about Kathryn's disappearance. He assures her that he hasn't talked to her since the previous day, and Emma says that Kathryn isn't technically missing yet. However, she promises to find Kathryn.

At the mayor's office, Regina is printing out Kathryn's phone records for Sydney. She calls and tells him that he'll find them quite helpful.


A year later, Dreamy is working in the mines crushing diamonds into fairy dust. Nova arrives to get the dust and tries to stop the valve, but is unable to free it. Dreamy comes over and helps her, and he recognizes her as the woman he saw in her dreams. The fairy inadvertently puts the bag of fairy dust on a conveyer going to the furnace. Dreamy manages to rescue it just in time and gives it back to Nova, who admits that she's an idiot. She realizes that she's too clumsy to be a fairy godmother, but Dreamy assures her that people can do whatever they want as long as they can dream it. They introduce themselves and Nova suggests he should see the fireflies on Firefly Hill. Dreamy doesn't realize that she's inviting him and walks away, and Nova thanks him for being her hero.


Mary Margaret tries to sell candles but the townspeople continue giving her the cold shoulder. Leroy suggests that they pack it up and go to the customers door-to-door. When Mary Margaret wonders why that would work, Leroy figures that they'll pay them just to leave.

Sydney is at a booth playing a game when Emma comes over to tell him that Kathryn never arrived at the law school. Mary Margaret comes over and asks for fashion tips on garnering sympathies and then leaves with Leroy. Sydney suggests that Mary Margaret has a motive and could be a suspect, but Emma insists that she's innocent. Meanwhile, Mary Margaret and Leroy have no luck getting anyone to buy candles.


The dwarves are drinking and celebrating at a tavern when Bossy comes over and asks Dreamy what his problem is. He admits that he can't eat or sleep and doesn't feel at all like himself. Belle is there and realizes that Dreamy is in love, despite Bossy insisting that it's impossible. Dreamy asks her what it's like and she says it's the most wonderful thing, and he needs to enjoy it while he can because it doesn't last forever. When Dreamy wonders if Nova feels the same way, Belle explains that she wasn't telling him about the fireflies--she was inviting him to be with her. She explains that she's had her heart broken enough times to know when someone is reaching out, and tells Dreamy to find his hope, his love, and his dreams.


Leroy and Mary Margaret return to the school and he starts to tell Astrid the bad news. However, he then lies and tells Astrid that they've sold all the candles. As Mary Margaret listens on in astonishment, a happy Astrid hugs Leroy. Afterward, she demands to know what Leroy has up to do given they need to sell $5,000 in candles. He tells her that he'll figure something out by the end of the day. When Mary Margaret wonders why he's so involved, Leroy admits that he doesn't want to see Astrid leave town. She realizes that he's in love with a nun, but Leroy points out that she's in love with a married man and vows to get the $5,000.


Dreamy goes to Firefly Hill and finds Nova, who is pleased to see him. They see all the lights of the kingdom and Nova admits that she's only seen it from a distance but she's not part of it. Leroy says that he lives in the mines and sees nothing but dirt and dwarves. He suggests they get a boat and explore the world together, but is interrupted when the fireflies come out. Nova kisses him and says that they will run off the next night after she drops off the dust.


Leroy tries to sell his boat to Gold for $5,000. He offers $3,000 but Leroy insists that he needs $5,000. All he asks is that Gold forgive the nuns' debt and then get the rent from them later. Despite the potential profit, Gold refuses, insisting that he finds nuns distasteful for reason of his own that involve a long and complicated history. After Gold leaves, Astrid arrives with a pie that she made him as thanks for his help. She admires his boat but notices the boxes of candles and realizes that he hasn't sold them as he claimed. Leroy explains that he lied so that he wouldn't let her down and apologizes, saying that she believed in the wrong guy. Astrid smiles wistfully and walks away.

Sydney visits Emma at the sheriff's office and shows her the phone records. They show an eight-minute call between Kathryn and David an hour before the accident. When Emma insists that it isn't possible, Sydney says that David is an accomplished liar and the computer records don't lie.

Mary Margaret is drinking at the diner when Leroy comes in and buys a drink. He admits that he couldn't get the $5,000 and Mary Margaret admits that she was dreaming if she thought the town harlot and the town drunk could accomplish anything.


Dreamy tries to sneak out of the dwarf barracks but Stealthy easily catches him. The other dwarves wake up and ask where he's going, and Dreamy explains that he's in love with Nova and they're going to see the world together. He tells them that when someone is in love, anything is possible. Sneezy offers him his pickax but Dreamy tells them that he doesn't need it anymore. His fellow dwarves embrace their brother and wish him well.

As Dreamy goes into the forest, Bossy goes after him and warns that he can't do it. He tells the dwarf that he has a responsibility to mind the diamonds, and that dwarves are incapable of knowing love. Dreamy wonders if he's wrong, but the Blue Fairy arrives and tells him that she's Nova's teacher. If Nova goes with Dreamy, she'll lose his wings. However, if Dreamy goes back to the mines, Nova can earn her wings and become a great fairy if he lets her.


Mary Margaret tells Leroy that his relationship with Astrid could never work, and he explains that she's the first person who ever believed in him. The teacher explains that she became a pariah by following her heart, and Leroy asks if she regrets her happy moments with David. Mary Margaret says that she doesn't, and Leroy insists that life is about holding onto good memories. He only wanted one moment with Astrid to give him hope that any dream is possible. Leroy tells Mary Margaret to enjoy what she had because he has never had that. After a moment, Mary Margaret says that the dream wasn't worth it and Leroy tells her that sitting there drinking won't end the pain. She wonders what will and Leroy gets an idea.

Leroy goes to the festival grounds and gets up on a nearby rooftop. Mary Margaret assumes that he's going to jump and tries to stop him, but he says that he's going to have his moment. He strikes the transformer with his pickax, knocking out all the lights at the festival so that he can sell candles.


Nova is on Firefly Hill waiting when Dreamy arrives. She shows him his ship, ready to depart, but Dreamy says that he can't go with her. She wonders why and he says that he's a dwarf and belongs in the mines, and she belongs with her own kind. When Nova says that he controls what is in his life and that he's special, Dreamy says that they don't have love--they have a dream, and it's time to put it away. Nova realizes that he talked to the Blue Fairy and demands to know what her teacher said, but Dreamy says that it doesn't matter. What does matter is that he can't stand in the way of her happiness. When she says that Dreamy is her happiness and asks if he loves her, Dreamy says that he's a dwarf and can't love. He walks away and returns to the mines. He asks for his pickax and goes back to work, saying that there's no place he'd rather be. As he angrily starts chipping at the walls, his pickax breaks. He asks Bossy for another ax and it reveals his new name: "Grumpy."


Mary Margaret and Leroy sell all of the candles and laugh in triumph. Leroy sees Astrid and Mary Margaret tells him to give her the news and have his moment. He goes over and gives her the money box, and tells Astrid that he's going to fix up his boat and invites her to be his first passenger. She says that she'd like that and turns to admire all of the lights.

Emma is going over the phone records when Regina arrives to demand answers about Kathryn's disappearance. The sheriff says that she knows something but refuses to divulge it, and Regina threatens to find someone else to do the job if Emma won't.

As Mary Margaret leaves the festival, she finds that someone has written "tramp" on her car in red paint. As she walks back to the festival, Granny takes Mary Margaret's candle and lights it with her own. David watches Mary Margaret from a distance and sighs. Emma arrives and tells him that he's going to have to come with her and answer some questions about his wife's disappearance. Mary Margaret and the others watch as David gets into the back seat of Emma's car.