Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2012 on ABC

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  • Dreaming

    This is an underrated episode of the show, sure it's not a hard hitter but what I really like about it is it's one of those times when for once it's focused on a character that isn't a major player and actually give em a certain amount of depth to care.

    It was interesting seeing who Grumpy was before he became him, he was someone else called Dreamy. It was fun just seeing Grumpy bright and is sort of an idealist, his name was Dreamy after all. I really like the chemistry between both him and the fairy Nova whom is played well by Amy Acher, an actress I really like and yes I'm a fan of the TV show "Angel". It was funny seeing Any play this character it really fit her, as we see Nova is energetic, sweet, and is also an idealist as well. The back and forth is great I really bought into the romance, and as they interact they both realize what their dream is as Dreamy makes a plan for both of them to sail on a boat together to anywhere they want to go.

    Even though I knew this wasn't going to happen, part of me wished it would. We then see the reason why it didn't was when both the fairy Astride and Doc deside to intervene and stop this. Supposely a dwarf and fairy aren't suppose to love according to them which to me sounds kinda racist if you think about it. Sorry if that sounded a bit bold but telling someone who they can and can not love isn't right.

    Personally I feel both Doc and Astride are in the wrong; Astride says that Dreamy's plan and feeling will interfere with Nova's dream of being a genuine fairy or something. Though I don't feel she really knows what Nova's dreams really are, it seems like she's describing a goal not a dream, there is a distinct difference between goals and dreams.

    This unfortunately leads Dreamy to make a bad choice by disobeying his heart's dream and making him break Nova's heart which at the same time breaks his. As we see in another heartbreaking moment when he comes back to the mine, he takes his ax to do his usual work but his personality is different and it breaks. He then asks for another and then it brings out his new name Grumpy. All the dwarfs see this including Doc, I can tell from the look on Doc it was one of regret knowing he was the partial cause of it, he wanted Dreamy back but instead he lost him but worst of all Dreamy lost himself.

    The only bad things about the episode are not a lot really happens. But most of all the show never does any more with both Leroy/Grumpy and Nova which I felt was a lost opportunity; though this could many be because of the many characters in the show as well as budget and focusing limitations, so oh well.

    If the show has themes I feel it's on following your dreams. The problem with both Leroy/Grumpy as well as Mary/Snow is both haven't been honest with what truly in their hearts, and as I said before no good ever comes from that, but the worst part of that is dreams don't become reality. It was a great moment when Leroy/Grumpy then desides to obey what's in his heart by saying Frak it and he makes a miracle happen by cutting the power to town out to motivate civilians to buy candles. Yeah I know it's kinda bending the rules but hard solutions come in many forms.

    And the ending was kinda sweet as we see both Leroy/Grumpy and Astride as both have a sweet exchange as he's earned her forgiveness and both go out together. Dreams are what make the impossible possible.
  • badddd

    I dont like this episode.
  • Great Episode!!!

    It was a great one as usual but i miss Henry on the episode
  • Best episode so far

    I really love the romantic and fantastic atmosphere given in this series, and this episode had it all.

    A lovestory between a fairy and a dwarf... and shown how it never could be!
  • I was looking forward to move development for the dwarves!

    I loved this episode, because I have been waiting for a Dwarf-centered episode for quite some time! Loved the little 'azxe-ceremony' where they each picked their axe, and it was executed to perfection at the ending.

    Some great scenes in the current Storybrooke world as well, especially with Leroy cutting out the lights! I loved it!

    Great episode! I think it was phenomenal, just like every other episode! and a very interesting ending sets us up for a pehnomenal episode next time, hopefully! :)
  • boring...

    This is definitely my least favorite so far..by far. Unlike Snow/Charming, Rumple/Belle, Abigail/Frederick.... I could not feel any chemistry with Dreamy/Pink Fairy. Just none, zilch, zero, nada. Not sure...was it the acting? writing? whatever it was, I didn't feel it and therefore, I didn't care one way or the other about them. I also didn't care for the Real World story since I know that in actuality, Leroy LOVES a nun!! I mean they tried to make it not to be that...to be a friendship... but that's what it is. Dreamy loves Nova, therefore Leroy loves.... a nun.

    Like... eww. And the candle thing was boring. Hard to believe too that the entire town would shun Mary Margaret, then scoop up candles happily, and then return to shunning her again. Just... silly

    Even seeing Belle again was a let down. I mean, her advice was good and we could see she spoke from the heart. But, really.... why was she in the mines with the dwarfs? I figured she really had been locked in a tower (either by Regina or by her father) but never jumped.... not that she was hanging out having drinks in a mine? Why in the world was she there?

    The only highlight was the brief encounter on the dock where Mr. Gold tells Leroy that he doesn't like nuns. He has a long, complicated history with them..... I wonder what thats all about.....

    So, there was enough to keep me interested of course. And I would rathe watch it a second time than to watch for the first time some of the other stuff on TV. So I give it a 7
  • What happened to fairy tales with GOOD moral lessons?

    Wow, I was really disappointed in this episode. Fairy tales are suppose to teach good morals. This one did the exact opposite. On the fairy tale side it showed giving in to societal pressure to conform and give up your dreams. On the real side it taught when you can't make an honest sale, cheat. Manufacture a power outage to sell candles.

    Truly disappointing.
  • I liked it!

    I know that not everyone liked this episode because it was a little corny, but I like corny and unexpected romance.
  • Ugh...

    Wow, I never thought I would say this about this show (because normally I love it!) but this was absolutely horrendous. I honestly felt embarrassed watching this episode, that's how corny it was. If it wasn't for the storyline about Katherine going missing, I would have stopped watching. Mary-Margaret selling candles for nuns? Dreamy the dwarf (absolutely horrible actor) falling in love with a fairy? Really? I really hope this isn't the route that this show continues on, because this was a total letdown.
  • A Fairy and a Dwarf walk into a bar ...

    Although plot development was practically nil with this episode, the telling of the story was "just right".

    While I normally just leave my thoughts, since no one has provided a brief recap yet, I'll give it a try ...


    The episode starts out in FTL (Fairy Tale Land) with a clumsy fairy transporting Fairy Dust, some of which spills on a big egg that happens to be of a fully-grown Dwarf hatchling.

    Cut to Leroy/Grumpy [Dreamy], being, well ... grumpy in the Storybrook diner. Mary Margaret enters the diner as well, attempting to rally volunteers to sell candles. She is basically shunned by her audience, and when asked to move by Leroy/Grumpy, she tries to recruit him. He tells her 'no way' and that the only one the town hates more than him, the town drunk, is her, the town harlot. He proceeds elsewhere where he meets Storybrook's version of the clumsy fairy, who is a nun, and is smitten. He helps her with some lights and proceeds to sign up with Mary Margaret to sell some candles (in order to help the nuns). While he is signing up, Sister Astride (fairy) is being chewed out for ordering 12 dozen tanks of helium rather than 12. Leroy tries to console Astride and learns that they must sell all 5,000 candles in order to make the rent. Scene cuts to Emma at Kathryn's abandoned car. Sydney is there as well taking pictures and tells Emma he has a friend at the phone company and that he can get her Kathryn's phone records for the time prior to the accident. Of course, these are doctored records which Regina provides him with.

    In FTL all the new Dwarf hatchlings are given their mining gear which includes axes that magically spell out the Dwarf's [new] name. Grumpy is named "Dreamy". Dreamy (Grumpy) and the fairy, Nova meet, fall in love, and make plans to leave on a boat the following night.

    Back in Storybrook, Leroy and MM have not sold any candles.

    In FTL, while preparing to leave, Dreamy/Grumpy is told that Dwarves can't love; that all they do is mine, and that they love mining. A fairy god mother also appears and she tells Dreamy/Grumpy that he should not stand in the way of Nova's dreams of becoming a fairy god mother. Dreamy/Grumpy then goes and meets Nova and tells her they cannot leave together.

    In Storybrook, Leroy/Grumpy (Dreamy) has an idea. He breaks the town's transformer causing a blackout, and he and MM are then able to sell all the candles.

    The episode ends with Emma picking up David in her squad car, because Kathryn's 'phone records' show an 8-minute conversation with him right before she disappeared; in FTL, back in the mine, Dreamy's axe breaks and when he's given a new one, it now dubs him "Grumpy".


    All in all, a satisfying episode although I didn't like the premise that Dwarves can't love.
  • Dreamy

    Dreamy was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Once Upon A Time and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development for Leroy/Dream/Grumpy. I felt bad for Mary Margret as she was trying to make a difference and help others. I liked the story of Dreamy or Grumpy's origins. It was also great to see Amy Acker as a Fairy in this episode. I really liked the story and the way it was portrayed. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The worst one yet and the problems continue.

    What a terrible filler episode and between the fairies, dwarfs and eggs it was so cringe worthy. Seriously, where is the show we all fell in love with? The writers keep throwing some reveals to make us think they are moving the story forward but nothing is happening! I'm sorry but you can't use the "longevity excuse" to explain the pacing and the other problems.... I'm all for dragging some stuff but I also need some progression, LEARN FROM REVENGE!!!!!!

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