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Maelevalent supernatural creatures

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    [1]Jun 28, 2012
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    Okay, so far we've mainly seen only human or human type or transformation types of the residents of fairy tale land in storybrooke i.e. malificent, jiminy, mirror on the wall, and little red riding hood wolf. Does this mean that creatures like trolls, goblins, Ogres where left alone in the FTL?

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    Folks have been speculating on the whereabouts of the malevolent creatures all season in various posts. One theory I recall was that with King George as DA, the orges could be his police force or prison guards. Also, Mr Gold's large enforcer may be an ogre or troll.

    Personally, I believe that with Rumplestiltskin inStorybrooke (the only one known to be able to stop Ogre wars, since he's done it twice) the ogres have been having a major frat party in FTL. Regina promised them their happy ending, remember? And characters like the giant and the witch with eyes sewn shut have just been living it up as well, persecuting all the humans who didn't rate high enough on Regina's list to make the transfer.

    Just thought of this- I'd thought the Blind Witch in "True North" could have been Maleficient in an earlier phase, sinceMaleficient talks about being "burned" in her first scene with Regina (the unicorn was there) But it's possible that the Blind Witch is the one whose eyes are sewn shut!

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