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So we finally got to see an ogre.

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    [1]Oct 25, 2012
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    Someone has to say it. That ogre was lame! They talked them up as being so badass and horrific, but all it took was one arrow to the eye to bring him down? Rreally? Just one damn arrow to the eye?! I know it's a small target and all, but it could have been a bit tougher of an opponent.

    On top of that, if the one vulnerable spot on your body is your eye, and you're blind, anyway, don't you think you might, you know, COVER YOUR FREAKIN' EYES??

    What a disappointment.

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    [2]Oct 29, 2012
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    Two points: Hunters are encouraged to use a shot to the eye because it's a convenient aiming point, and the bullet driving into the brain is considered a sure fatality. Plus, Tolkien had Bard kill Smaug the dragon with a single arrow to the chest- heart shots are also a target for hunters, but if you aren't right on target, you have to chase your quarry. Ogres being smaller than dragons, this doesn't seem totally impossible to me. (For those who've never seen it, a longbow arrow can pierce a bulletproof Kevlar vest from 50 yards away, at which distance bullets bounce off.)

    All the above aside, I didn't really like Emma's ogre encounter either- she should have gotten grabbed or something! not just breathed on, no matter how bad ogres' breath is.

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