Once Upon a Time

Season 1 Episode 11

Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 2012 on ABC

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  • Interesting

    This was one of the better episodes although very predictable. Always nice seeing scenes with Lana Parrilla. She totally rocks the character of Regina and I love when she puts the always annoying Ms. Swan to her place.
  • Great episode!

    This one has a lot of interesting elements! The storyline with Sidney was unexpected, as I didn't think we'd be seeing him again for some reason, but turns out he is the Genie! :P

    There were some really interesting moments for this pisode, with the ending being the best of all. I didn't expect the love interest between The Queen and Sidney, and I can't believe he went in the Mirror! THat was some clever writing!

    The only change I would make would be to remove the snakes - those scenes were just vile.

    Other than taht, keep it up, OUaT! I'm loving it! :D
  • good but predictable

    Hmm. I can't say I didn't like this episode because I did. However, There were chunks of it that I found far fetched, even for a story about fairy tales. I usually have a problem with love at first sight in movies; it usually comes off as a quick and easy way to get thru the storyline. So I have no idea why the genie instantly fell for Regina. And I can't help but think that even if he did, he may have put up at least a tiny inner struggle considering what the king did for him.

    Furthermore, it was crazy that he asked for such a vague wish that pretty much anything could have happened to him. He is actually lucky that he got away with being stuck in the mirror and not turned into a giant protruding wart on the end of the queen's nose.

    And of course there is the part where I was never convinced that he was really thru working for Regina. Perhaps if they had staged an actual argument or something so we could at least wonder for a few seconds about whether he really had jumped ship.

    However, it was entertaining and it was fun to see how he got to the mirror and also interesting to learn what happened to Snow's father. Plus, we can see how ruthless this character can be, so should the curse get broken, this will not be somebody to cross. But then again... will he seek revenge on Regina? Or still be helplessly in love? Love that there is so much to think about all the time!
  • Very Predictable indeed..

    I have to agree with everyone else that this episode was predictable. I knew that Regina would come out victorious and that Sidney would never betray her, but i like the fact that Emma can not hang out with Henry anymore so in a way this will be an obstacle for both Emma and Henry. I also have to agree with the fact that Regina is getting soft as the villain, the only evil thing she did to me was her killing her own father. I need her to go back to that in order for me to believe her as the evil queen.
  • Great but predictable

    This episode was quite an improvement over the last one. I liked Sidney 's backstory, even though it was predictable. Here are some of my thoughts and questions:

    - Henry is still annoying as hell and I want his character to die

    - How ungrateful was the Genie- he killed the King that helped him!

    - Didn't Emma say that she had the power to always know when you were lying? Or is she just tricking Sidney and Regina?

    -So what did Regina mean when she said she was trapped like the tree? Do you think she was being honest or was that part of her playing the Genie as well?

    -If the king knew he couldn't love Regina why was he so intent on keeping her?

  • Disappointing Episode

    There were a few good elements in this one, but overall, it was a little frustrating to watch, especially the Storybrooke parts.

    It was obvious from the start that Regina was going to win in the end. Even if she did steal $50,000, the city council would support her no matter what since they're her puppets. It was frustrating to watch Emma falling right into Regina's trap and compromising her principles. This was made even worse by the ending "twist" that Sydney was still following Regina's orders, which means Emma will be duped for episodes to come. It was never convincing that Sydney had a "falling out" with Regina considering he was the Magic Mirror. I was also disappointed that David has still not separated with Katherine but is sneaking around seeing Mary Margaret.

    The backstory of the Magic Mirror was clever, that he was actually the Genie of the lamp. However, it was difficult to believe that the Genie would betray the King so easily and be willing to kill for Regina. The King's reaction to Regina thinking of another man and being so insensitive at the banquet didn't mesh with him kindly freeing the Genie. I

    Overall, it just didn't feel like a very well-crafted episode. It was fine the first time around, but unlike some of the others, I don't feel the urge to rewatch any parts of this one.

  • Still great, but weakest of the season so far

    I enjoyed this ep, but it wasn't as satisfying as most OUAT eps. I think it was because both the present day and fairy tale world stories were a bit weak and depressing.

    My biggest problem was with the fairytale world story. I just didn't buy it. The Genie was freed after a lifetime of imprisonment by the King who is, apparently, the nicest man in the world - totally unselfish, kind, generous, and trusting. The king invited him into his home, but within minutes, and at a single glance, we are meant to believe that the Genie has fallen head over heels in love with his friend and benefactor's wife. Even in the land of make-believe this instance of love at first sight didn't ring true.

    Then after one conversation she appears to love him back, and that he buys that? Then at a word from Regina, he is suddenly prepared to betray and murder the man who gave him his freedom? Then he uses his wish despite everything he knows, from granting hundreds of wishes that turned bad and - shocker - it turns bad for him too. Might have helped if it wasn't the most stupidly worded wish ever. He was played and corrupted completely by Regina, but in a way and a timeframe that didn't feel credible at all/

    In the real world the story was better, but kind of depressing. I don't find the 'evil wins because it will stoop to methods good people won't' message very uplifting. Emma's humiliation was hard to watch. Finding out Sydney was betraying her was predictable, but still sad.

    Overall though I gave it an 8. I love this show and a mediocre OUAT ep is still better than most other shows.
  • Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

    Fruit of the Poisonous Tree was a pretty great episode of Once Upon A Time and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of subtle character development as well as surprising plot development. It was great to watch Emma and Sydney in cahoots though in the end we find out the real deal. It was nice to see more background about the Evil Queen along with the origins of Sydney and how he came to be in his position. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • One step forward, two steps back...again.

    Once again we face the never ending dance of the "Emma gets one victory then Regina kills/maims/screws with/ gets revenge/ or ruins someone's life on the good guys side.

    We find that Sidney, the Mirror's reporter, has been fired and wants to work with Emma to shed some light on the Mayor's evil doings (spending money she shouldn't is the tip of the iceberg). At first Emma isn't sure she wants to go after Regina. But after Regina bulldozes Henry and Emma's secret fort in vengeance for them having a place, Emma agrees (also Henry finds his book has gone missing at this time). Emma finds out about some sort of business deal with Mr. Gold where he sells Regina some land in the woods and spent $50,000 of the town's money on it.

    They then find plans for what looks to be a "castle" that they believe Regina is building as a house for herself. Emma goes before the whole town at a council meeting and exposes Regina's money-spending. But surprise! There's a twist (Cause we didn't see this one coming). Regina is spending the money on a new play fort for the kids of Storybrooke. Emma looks like a fool and Regina finally throws her off the high ground and says that if Emma comes near Henry without her permission she will file a restraining order.

    We end with the Stranger unlocking his box and pulling out either the actual or a copy of Henry's book, David planning a cute picnic for Mary Margaret, find out Sidney was working for Regina the whole time, and the fairy tale world explanation of how Snow's father died and how "Sidney" came to be in the mirror.

    It was just a little too predictable for me, a viewer could watch the last five minutes and would have most of the information of the episode. Also the character of Regina just doesn't seem evil to me. I'll explain. She IS evil, but she seems more petty evil than mastermind, so evil it rots your teeth with how awesomely cool and evil they are. She just doesn't have it, which makes liking her even as a villain sort of difficult.