Once Upon a Time

Season 3 Episode 5

Good Form

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 2013 on ABC
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While Hook tries to find a sextant that will lead them away from Neverland, he remembers when he and his brother Liam were sent by the king to find a plant that will cure any ailment.

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  • Great episode - Hook centric

    Great episode, And finally to see Hook as Lieutenant Killian Jones

    The loss of his brother

    His need to also save Charming as so Emma doesnt lose family like he did

    And then the hot kiss between Emma and Hook........... and cue As You Wish
  • no happy

    I thought u could watch full episodes on this site. Not. False advertising
  • Very very good episode!

    Absolutely loved this episode, which was a Hook-centred one. We got an interesting back story about Hook from back before he became a pirate. Kinda funny seeing Bernard Curry playing Hook's brother, since I've seen him in som other stuff here in Australia. :P

    Meanwhile we had great developments in the present as well, as the poison takes an effect on Charming leading to an interesting play by Hook.

    My favourite scene was Emma condoning Regina's taking of the lost boy's heart. A little bit of drama like that is great.

    No Rumple or Neal today, but the episode's endin was GREAT! Absolutely loved the way Pan put Hook in a really awkward position! No idea what he's gonna do about it!

    After a phenomenal show, I'm really looking forward to next week! Hoping for more Regina (but I always am :P ) and hoping that OUaT continues to amaze!moreless
Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin

Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

Emma Swan

Lana Parrilla

Lana Parrilla

Evil Queen/Regina Mills

Josh Dallas

Josh Dallas

Prince Charming/David Nolan

Colin O'Donoghue

Colin O'Donoghue

Captain Hook

Michael Raymond-James

Michael Raymond-James

Neal Cassidy

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    • Henry: I'm--I'm sorry, it was an accident.
      Pan: Henry, don't you know the best thing about being a Lost Boy? You never apologize.

    • Hook: Do you need a hand, luv?
      Emma: Is that a joke?

    • David: And let me tell you something else. You're never going to get her. I'll see to that.
      Hook: It's a good thing you're going to die then.

    • David: I had a brother too, you know. A twin. He died before I ever met him.
      Hook: There were two of you? I can barely stomach one.
      David: Well, you would have liked him. He was a thief and a liar.
      Hook: Yeah, you would have liked my brother. He could be a stubborn ass.

    • Mary Margaret: (after David gives her a long passionate kiss) I'm not complaining, but what was that...?
      Emma: Okay, I'm complaining.
      Regina: What I wouldn't give for another sleeping curse.

    • Emma: Thank you.
      Hook: Well, perhaps gratitude is in order now.
      Emma: Yeah, that's what the "thank you" was for.
      Hook: Mmm. Is that all your father's life is worth to you?
      Emma: Please. You couldn't handle it.
      Hook: Perhaps you're the one who couldn't handle it. (Emma kisses him)

    • Pan: What, you think that kiss actually meant something?
      Hook: I do. I think it means she's finally starting to see me for the man I am.
      Pan: What? A one-handed pirate with a drinking problem? I'm no grown-up, but I'm pretty sure that's less than appealing.

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